When we moved into our house, we had the perfect room for a small office. I say office, I mean man-room! I wanted a crafty, blogging room but Mr B has far too many toys he wanted on display. My dream of a space where I could blog and hide myself away soon evaporated and a man room was built. Its a tiny space, and was originally used as a laundry room. Its an ideal size for somewhere to hide away and work.

When we converted it into an office we had to change a few things. There was a door leading out to the garden which we wanted bricked up, so we put in a large window looking out to the garden. We had to box in quite a few pipes and move in a larger radiator. The only thing we didn’t change which makes the room really bright and airy was our VELUX roof window. Its one of my favourite things about Mr B’s man room and it brings in so much light.

I still dream of an airy space where I can escape too and I still lust over all things that I would put in that space if I were to ever have it. If ever I was going to get my own space I would definitely add, if I could a VELUX roof window. It brings definition to the room and it also brings in the much needed light.

First I would make sure I had a really comfortable desk and office chair. I currently sit in the kitchen at our dining table and I really struggle sometimes with my back. Its not the most ideal situations but I manage well with it. Secondly I would decorate it in my taste! Mr B has his memorabilia of comic book hero’s and quite a few figures from his favourite TV shows. I on the other hand would have clean lines, white walls, copper and rose gold accessories and lots of lovely prints.

I’ve compiled a wish list of things I think I would need to make my office, my space. I have lots of ideas over on Pinterest, but at the moment these are the things that really stand out and they are items I am really loving.



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