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My organisation skills are pretty bad. I have always said that when Moo and H went back to school I would be a far better blogger and have time throughout the day to catch up and blog. As of yet that has not happened.

I have said many of times that if I was a person that had a job and worked from home, nothing would get done. The TV is too much of a lure to me and catch-up TV is even worse. I blog from my lap, which is not good. I may blog from the kitchen table if the children are watching the TV, but thats quite rare. If I had a specific “zone” I may get myself into a routine so I can shut myself off from the world. We have an office, but Mr B has taken it over and decorated it in “man stuff” and I find it a little off putting.

I really need to get myself organised and set specific days where I blog and where I don’t. I currently blog when an idea pops into my head. Spur of the moment and I just type. I don’t have set ideas that I specifically want to blog about. If I like the thought of something then I just go for it. My main concern is I don’t do it enough. I could go a whole week without blogging and then I could blog every day. I need a blogging routine and I that is where I struggle. I just can’t find one.

Its half term next week and I am aiming to set myself a goal of how and when I blog. I am going to try and stick to specific days and see where that takes me. I have a notebook and I am going to set it up as a blogging book and hopefully spill all my ideas out and have working blogging days, days when Moo and H are at school and days where I can fully put my all into it.

I am determined to be a better blogger and become more organised..


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