I go through stages of thinking am I any good at this? I read other blogs and they are something I aspire to be like. I have my favourites and I read them religiously. I sometimes don’t comment but I read them.

I sit in front of my laptop and have a moment of what shall I write. I feel I have been consistent with my blog this year but I find I do the same thing. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Friday link up with Little Love, I also love The Ordinary Moments linky and I think its this linky that has got me thinking and has given me the thought of am I any good? This is the reason I have not linked up for sometime and its gutting as its one of my favourites and so many wonderful bloggers join in.

I worry that my blog is the same old stuff, repeating myself over and over the same things and although I do this for me, I worry what happens on the other side, what people think. Is it really that interesting?

Lately I have had a massive blogging block. I sometimes go a few weeks without blogging but this is serious stuff. I feel like I repeat myself all the time and its the same content. I read other blogs and I love the diversity and difference in posts. I feel at the moment I seem to blog about total nonsense! I have my little things I like to do each week and each month but its the in between posts I struggle with. Is this a phase? Is this the devil on my shoulder saying give up? I don’t want to give up, I want to keep documenting little snippets but how much is too much? Some bloggers blog 4/5 times a day and I really have no clue where they get the time to do it! I struggle at the best of times to sit and type.

I am having a blogging moment and I have been here before but it wasn’t as bad as this. I picked myself up before and planned new posts, but I can’t seem to think of new posts. Its quite weird to be honest. I enjoy blogging, I get quite a relief from it and it has given me lots of opportunities but I have hit a wall. I need to break that wall and carry on. But when that wall breaks? Who knows!

Blogging block sucks.. I need to get my blogging mojo back, sharpish!


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