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I am back! With a shiny new blog design! Over the six weeks I have been pretty slack on the blogging front. In fact the past six months I have been a bit sporadic as to when I post. Thanks to getting a new job, the blog has taken a bit of a hit.

When I started in 2011 I started it as a hobby. I had no idea what I was doing, I had no idea about anything technical. I still don’t really. Every now and then I get bored, and every now and then I take a break longer than intended.

Last week I sat and looked at the blog for a very long time and I decided to take it offline, not really knowing what I was going to do. For a minute I thought about leaving it offline for good. I struggle sometimes as to what to write. How to put it across and just generally blogging about our every day. It could look pretty boring from the other side of the screen to those reading it.

I’ve also come to realise that its no good comparing blogs. I literally have a wanderlust list of blogs that I adore and I wish I could be just as good as them, but that is never going to happen. Really I should look at mine and be proud that I did it. I should just blog for me and enjoy it, not compare as that just ruins it.

I’ve spent the past week working on the blog, changing the design and the template, thanks to a rather wonderful company called PipDig. I have wanted a new theme for so long now and when I saw this template I instantly fell in love with it. It was what I needed to give me the push back into blogging again.

Whilst having a re-design I have also decided what I want to blog about. Up until now its been a bit sporadic and I tend to jump at any review that is thrown my way. I’m going to really consider reviews and what I will take on. I want this to be a family lifestyle blog, one that people can click into and pick up where they left of and feel like they have never been away. Most importantly I also want to carry on raising some kind of awareness to skin cancer. That has made a huge impact on me and the way I look at life. I intend to bring awareness about melanoma as much as possible.

I have had an image in my head of what I have always wanted the blog to look like. Even though I am my own worst critic I think I have it to where I want it. I mean, although its a template I still made it look like it does today and I am pretty impressed with ones self! . Overall I am happy with the way its looking. Not just happy, I am bloody impressed with how it looks. I finally have a blog worth showcasing.

I’ve not really shared much of the blog on Instagram or Facebook because it feels a bit out of my comfort zone. I worry about what people will think. Bloggers are perceived in many different lights. I’m not one to ram it down peoples necks. Here is hoping as time goes on I will share more on Instagram because thats the one social media I love. I want to grow the blog, make money from it and enjoy what it brings. I shouldn’t worry about what people think.

Now it looks more professional, more like I have always wanted it to look, I can start to be proud of it. Proud of this little corner I own and I have created!



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