Weekend To-Do’s


Ive been waiting a while for this weekend, the husband is off, ALL weekend and its also a 4 day weekend for him! Our weekend actually starts today.

The car is due its annual service and MOT (Boo!) so we are off to the in-laws to invade them for the day so we can be dropped of to the garage and be picked up again! It also means Moo and Thor get access to a garden all day which they always love (and me too!).

I will at some point make a banana and chocolate cake, Ive plenty left over this week so its an ideal excuse to bake with two of my favourite ingredients, so keep you eyes peeled for a recipe up on the blog next week!

This week I picked up my hooks and am pushing myself to finish my blanket (still a fair way to go) but I am going to try my damn hardest before my next major project starts (which ithasn’t yet!) Also my lovely sister got engaged this week and I wanted to make her something, only something little, Ive been scouring Pinterest and found a few little bits, I think Ive found something I want to do, I am hoping she will like what I come up with if not I will keep them for myself!

Sunday we have no plans,  apart from the traditional roast dinner which I have not cooked in a while and after the in-laws will be popping in with the husbands nan, I think its lovely that the children still have a great nan in their lives, and we see her as often as we do.

As of yet we have no plans as to going out with the children, when the husband id off they are normally spur of the moment outings, unless they have been penciled in weeks in advance!

Hope you all have a fun filled weekend!

Mummy Hearts You



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