Happy 21st December {Blogmas}

Yesterday, I attempted to make a gingerbread house! Now, I have been really looking forward to making it and I wanted to give myself lots of time on it!

Yesterday, I attempted to make a gingerbread house and it went dramatically wrong!

I mixed the dough and it was so wet, it stuck to everything.. I ended up spending more time cleaning the mess up, than actually making it! I had a little google and tried my hardest to make it more pliable.. I managed to make it to a consistency I was fairly happy with and began cutting it all out. By this point I was past making it and wanted to give up, but I persisted and managed to get the gooey, sticky mess onto a lined baking tray..

12 minutes later I pulled out the goods from the oven, it smelt good enough.. I looked in horror as some of the sides had risen to triple their size! I cut away at them and thought they looked ok, but by the time I was ready to assemble they actually wouldn’t meet, and don’t get me started on the icing sugar!

I am slightly cak-handed and although I managed to put the icing into the piping back, somehow it made its way back out the top! After several attempts of trying to put this thing together, I gave up and ended up throwing it in the bin, it started to resemble the gooey mess I had started with!

Next year, I am going to buy a ready made gingerbread house where all I have to do is put the thing together! I was going to Moo and H to help me, but I am rather chuffed I didn’t! I am not sure my stress levels would of coped!

So until tomorrow, I shall leave you with this…

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, 
Right down Santa Claus lane
Vixen and Blitzen and all his reindeer
Pullin’ on the reins
Bells are ringin’, children singin’
All is merry and bright
Hang your stockings and say your prayers
‘Cause Santa Claus comes tonight!

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  1. December 21, 2014 / 12:48 pm

    You’re brave for even trying! I toyed with the idea of baking it all myself but soon came to my senses and bought a kit from Morrisons.

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