Here’s to Pancake Day…

We had a pancakes a bit late this year. I completely forgot about it until I woke and Twitter was buzzing with #pancake updates and what everyone was having with theirs for breakfast,lunch and dinner. I didn’t have any eggs in and I was still not driving so I thought I would hang out till the weekend and add a few extra bits to the shopping, including a huge pot of Nutella, whats pancakes without Nutella?!

Moo enjoyed the tossing of the pancakes reciting the episode of Peppa Pig, where daddy pig got his pancake stuck to the ceiling! Luckily ours didn’t end up on the ceiling, but they did nearly end up on the floor,when the last pancake was ready to be turned, the husband flipped it, caught it, only for the frying pan handle to snap off! Thankfully it happened on the last one and we all managed to stuff ourselves with pancakes fruit and Nutella for tea! They were most definitely yum! I now need a new frying pan!



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  1. February 18, 2013 / 10:13 am

    I need one too, but more from burnt butter than the handle falling off! xxx

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