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I still get that overwhelming sense of confusion when it comes to my health. I find it quite surreal what the last few months have thrown at us, but things are looking up and the saying “think positive” seems to be working.

I had a follow up appointment after my operation in September ands given the all clear. Its quite a lovely feeling knowing that I have nothing untoward growing inside me. Its still a little bewildering that there ever was anything wrong.

Last week I had my first plastics appointment. It didn’t actually go to plan and I found out a few things that were not actually disclosed to me in the follow up.

Unfortunately due to work commitments I had to go to this appointment on my own. I was to bothered about it to be honest, but sitting in the waiting room with a delay on the appointment does nothing for your wandering mind. I actually wished I had someone there to listen in as well, I tend to go blank in these situations and my nerves were starting to get the better of me as time ticked by.

I was seen by the surgeon who carried out the procedure. Judging by the look on his face he wasn’t entirely happy with his work and he promptly went on to say “what an ugly scar” Now this sounds harsh, but I have felt like this for a while, its red, bumpy and generally not nice to look. I was thankful that someone actually agreed with me.. After inspecting it for some time with a turned up nose, he gave me instructions on what to do and what use on it. He showed me a massaging technic, which I find difficult as the scar its self is still so sore, which according to the surgeon, shouldn’t be. Its very red and vet angry so I am hoping that these little tips will help. I am currently using some scar cream on it twice a day but I don’t see an improvement yet.

He then went on to tell me the results, which I knew as I had been to a follow up appointment, I let him tell me and I was actually shocked to find out I had been told the wrong information in my last appointment. It was still good news but it could of potentially been a lot worse.

For those that don’t know, my first mole was cancerous and whilst I went in for a clean up, I had a second mole removed which “had the potential” to change. I was told that it was actually changing, and this took me by surprise. I am so lucky I had it taken of in the first place as I dread to think what could of been if I didn’t.

For now I have a few months wait for my next appointment. This time with the cancer doctors and it will be my first official appointment since being giving the all clear. I have a few moles I want checked out as I am not happy with them, especially as in the summer they will be full view of the sun. But till then I wait, I am not a fan of waiting…


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