Summer Holiday 2015 {The Lakes}

We have been back for just over a week and although I am glad to be home, I am missing the glorious views of the Lake District.

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Camping can be hit and miss and unfortunately the weather was not on our side the first few days. The drive up was pretty horrendous and the rain was not nice to drive in. We left early thinking we would miss the traffic, but the M25 was terrible and I was seriously kicking myself for saying I would do the first leg in the drivers seat! We arrived just after lunch and there was a break in the rain, so we quickly checked in and put the tent up whilst it was dry. Once up, we went exploring.

It rained for two days solid and after the first night of heavy downpours I wanted to come home. It didn’t help that the shower block had no hot water {it was fixed by the second day!} It meant having to have a shower in the swing pool which wasn’t ideal, but we just had to make do. By the time Tuesday evening came, it seemed we were all rained out, but some sharp heavy spells through the night led to waking to blue skies! It was a pleasant sight!


Normally when we camp we stay on site, but as there wasn’t much to do, we ventured out in the morning and was back by 2pm to go and let some steam of in the swimming pool. On Tuesday we battled the rain and visited an aquarium, we parked the car a few miles away and jumped on a diesel train. For a train lover like H, he was in his element and it was a really nice ride. We stopped at the base of Lake Windermere and the views were amazing, stretching for miles and miles. We had a spot of lunch next to the lake {inside as it was still raining!} The next train took us back to our car, the train back was in fact a steam train and H could not contain his excitement!


On Wednesday the weather was beautiful, so we left the camp early and headed to The World Of Beatrix Potter. This was so fascinating and Moo loved it. She is quite a fan of Peter Rabbit and it was really interesting to find out the back story to Beatrix. We had a wander through the hughstreet and found a little tearoom for some lunch.

I was certain there was a beach, so on Thursday we went hunting! We hired a cart and peddled our way round the park {it was hard work!!} Once we finished we rewarded ourselves with an ice-cream and went exploring for the beach. Just over the hillside was the most incredible view. Not so much a beach, but literally the end of the coast. The sea was out so we were able to walk down, but it was coming in pretty quickly so we only spent a while searching for shells and digging holes.


Friday saw us wave goodbye to the camp. We were up quite early and the car was already packed up, we just needed to take the tent down and pack away the sleeping gear. Just as we were taking the tent down the heavens opened and the rain fell. Just our luck! We quickly put it in the car and we were off on our way. It took us about 6 hours to get home and thankfully Moo and H slept the majority of the way so it was a fairly easy drive! From the stories they have been telling people it sounds like they had a good time, we had a good time. It really was so good to get away from the norm, just for a week, to forget about the worries of what goes on at home and just relax and enjoy ourselves.


I was sad to say goodbye to the Lakes, and when the children are older I would love to go back and explore more. They are not the “adventuring” type just yet!


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  1. August 10, 2015 / 1:31 pm

    It looks so picturesque there. I’m glad you all had a lovely time dispite the weather.xx

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