Lazy Days… {The Ordinary Moments}

I love Sundays, its the best day of the week by far {some may disagree as its the day before the working week starts}

Every other Sunday we pop down to the husbands parents house and spend the day there. On the Sundays this doesn’t happen we tend to just slob about in our pyjamas.

Yesterday was a typical lazy Sunday for us. I cooked dinner, we had a yummy blackberry and apple crumble for dessert and then we took ourselves of to the sofa and watch Dispicable Me 2 courtesy of Sky Box Office.

I loved cuddling up to the children, as we watched the film, and mostly I love days like this.

Most days are so full on, School run, spending time with the little boy, {or venturing out somewhere}, going back to school to pick moo up, play, dinner, bath and bed. Sunday is my wind down day before the coming week starts.

This was me yesterday, feet up and relaxing, the children wouldn’t stay still, so I couldn’t get them in. But I think this sums up my Sundays!


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5 thoughts on “Lazy Days… {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. I definitely love Sundays, there is something just so happy and lazy about them, whereas Saturdays I always feel like we ought to do something! It is always better in the winter as well, when it is cold outside and snuggly and cosy indoors. Your tree looks amazing! x

  2. Sundays are my favourites too – they have such a lovely age old pattern in our house; church, roast lunch, lazy afternoon! It sounds absolutely perfect!

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