Some Thing I Love #44 {The Walking Dead Edition} *Spoiler*

Christmas is getting closer and with only a few weeks left of the school run for a 2 week break I am beginning to get excited! Its been a quick week again and with lots of school activities going on I have been rather busy! Here are a few things that I have loved this week..

Something I read: 

Every evening, me or the husband read to the children. Moo’s picks a book and both her and the little boy lay in bed and listen. Normally the little boy falls asleep by the end of the story, but Moo is always awake asking questions. This week we have read stories from the Disney Storybook collection, Stickman, Thomas, Burglar Bill, Peepo. I always try and mix it up so the little boy gets some of his books too.

Some thing I watched: 

As you can tell by the title, I am of course talking about the Walking Dead.

It was the mid season finale this week and by god, it was good. I have never shouted at the TV so much. I was mortified about a certain person being decapitated, but I am so pleased the culprit got what he deserved! I am in mourning now, and me and the husband keep going over the episode.

There are so many unanswered questions. Where is the baby? Will they all meet somewhere? and finally WHERE IS CAROL?!

Some thing I wore:

My trusty Timberlands made an appearance this week, with 2 pairs of socks on they keep my feet toasty. They are so old now they look filthy, but needs must and they are perfect for cold weather (and snow! although we have not had any yet)

Some thing I listened to: 

With less than 2 weeks till christmas, Ive been knocking out those christmas tunes! Either in the car on the radio or on in the background whilst putting up the tree.

Some thing I cannot live without: 

Garnier intense 7 days hand cream. Winter is most definitely here. My hands always suffer. This is a god send and works a treat of my cracked knuckles!

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