Cat Love {The Ordinary Moments}


This post is dedicated to my cat. I was always bought up with cats. Not loads all at once. I remember having 3 cats. Tiger, Biscuit and Cookie.

Tiger was a bit of a scary cat. He would constantly bring “presents” back and I would avoid him like the plague. He had an obsession with feet which meant you couldn’t walk past him bare footed.

Biscuit was a loving cat. Would sleep at the end of your bed. Give you cuddles and was generally a really good pet.

Cookie on the other hand was mad as anything, would literally run in to every wall and I was not a huge fan of her.

Unfortunatly all these cats have passed and are no longer here. But I loved each and everyone in a different way and was really upset when they left us.

This brings me back to the present day. My neighbour had 3 cats. Unfortunately she moved back home and could’t take them with her. She asked me if I wanted to have Lily. Moo became obsessed with her and would constantly pop in to her flat and feed her treats, and we would look after them whenever they were on holiday.

It as a tough decision. The husband isn’t a fan of cats, her would much prefer a dog, but its not fair to have one when you don’t have a garden. Moo only ever wants 3 things in life. A garden, A house and a cat. We were being handed one of these so it was all down to Moo’s happiness that we took Lily on.

It took a while for her to get settled. Once she felt at home, she quickly became attached to the husband, perching her little behind on his lap every night for cuddles.

Its suddenly changed though. The husband has had a few late shifts at work so Lily decided to take comfort with the only other person that would let her and that was me. I loved having lazy evening snuggles with her and she kept me company.

I took this photo last night. She was annoyed with me as I had a cup of tea on my lap and she slipped of and found a comfy space on the rug instead. I was quite offended!

As much as a worry she is (she tends to disappear for days on end) I do deep down enjoy having a cat again. She is such a pretty little thing and she is now part of the family.

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4 thoughts on “Cat Love {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. Aw lovely, she looks a cuddly cat! I bought my hubby a cat for his 30th a few years ago, his name was Mister Mitts and he was the most lovely affectionate cats, but he was very hairy and a house cat, so when Mads came along we had to shut him out of rooms because of his hair shedding and the worry he would get in her cot. We just felt it wasn’t a nice life for him so we rehomed him. I was so upset but we still get updates from his new home on Facebook! We definitely did the right thing and I would like to get a dog or cat for the girls in the future. x

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