Garland Love…


Ever since I learnt to crochet late spring, the only thing I have managed to pull off is my blanket and my sisters baby blanket (which is still a work in progress) These blankets are either small granny squares or one big large one. Ive never ventured of the granny square wagon.

Now with christmas a mare few weeks away I wanted to make a christmassy garland. My first one! For my firstsecond third attempt I am rather pleased with it. Ive made a few little mistakes and the corners are not exactly pointy but I rather like my christmassy star garland. 



I found the tutorial via The Royal Sisters and I was rather chuffed it was an easy design to follow! It didn’t take me long, I managed to whip it up whilst Moo was at school! Its now hanging proudly on my shelf in the lounge.


I am so pleased I tried something different and stepped away from my comfort zone of continuously making granny squares.

2 thoughts on “Garland Love…

  1. HI, I’m making these at the moment – pattern from the same place. I am really enjoying the pattern. I’m fairly new to crochet so the clear instructions help a lot.
    your garland looks lovely.

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