Rising Temperatures, Tattoo Fixers, Failed Eton Mess… Little Love 27/52

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

This week we have seen the UK have the hottest day ever in July. It was way too much for me and it reached a scorching 38.5° in my car! I was melting!!

Without to much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week…


I really need to pick up a book and throw myself into it this summer. I love blog reading but sometimes all you need is a good ole book! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! I have a 6 hour journey in a few weeks so I could do with a few good reads to occupy myself!


This week I watched The Tattoo Fixer.. Now I have two tattoos and although it took some umming and ahhing on what to get I am really pleased with how they both turned out. I sat watching this programme with my mouth wide open. It was horrendous and I cannot believe there are people out there that 1. Let their friends tattoo them and 2. Go to a dodgy tattooist.. You are putting your faith in their hands at the end of the day!!


I also watched Kingsman: The Secret Service.. Now I found the whole film a little bizarre. It started well, then went off in the middle and then ended ok. I found myself wondering how it got to the end, it didn’t really explain about the “baddy” part I was a bit confused.. Thats my opinion though!


I feel slightly embarrassed about these two songs I am showcasing this week as 1. Both selections are 10 years younger than me and 2. They are annoying pop groups/girls.. Moo loves both songs and she is constantly singing away to them and making me play them via spotify { music has now been released too which could be interesting!} Anyway… Apologies… {The first is a duet, so I don’t feel so bad about that!}


Oh what haven’t I worn? Its been so hot I have lived in skirts and shorts. When I get home I am in the shower and in a fine playsuit.. Its been lovely but maybe a tad too hot for me! {I like the 25° mark!}


I made {failed miserable} an Eton Mess.. I have wanted one for a while and decided to make my own. When we went to eat it the meringues had melted! So it was literally sweet cream.. It was edible but I wanted the crunch for the meringues! Will have to try again {good excuse for another!}

‘And lastly..’

This weekend is my birthday and tonight I am off out on a date with Mr B.. Its been ages since we have been out childfree so I am really looking forward to it {we even have a cab booked!!} Saturday I go and retrieve the children form my mums and we are staying for a BBQ, the Sunday {my birthday} we are of to Mr B’s parents. It going to be lovely weather wise so I am really looking forward to it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

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Must-Haves {The Swimsuit Edition}

With summer finally here, and holidays booked a pretty swimsuit is always a wardrobe must have. I have had my swimsuit for sometime now and I really like the fit as it covers my wobbly bits. I don’t think I would ever feel commutable in a bikini now I have had children, but I absolutely love the Retro two piece I have added to this weeks must haves.. So much so its very tempting to buy something like it!
Must-Haves {The Swim-Suit Edition}
Phase Eight Claire swimsuit // Tommy Hilfiger Nautical Mesh Swimsuit // Ted Baker Paisley Toucan Print Swimsuit // TOPSHOP Double Scallop Trim Swimsuit // TOPSHOP Pop Floral Swimsuit // Prism Antarctic Forte Del Marmi Swimsuit // Choies Blue Halter Polka Dot Floral Push Up Bikini Top And High Waist…

My two favourites are the Topshop swimsuits {The scallop and the retro bikini} What’s yours?

**to view retailers, just click on the image**

Parenting Struggles {Bedtime}

Ever since H was out of his cot and into a bed he has shared a room with his sister. It worked out really well when we lived in the flat but when we moved we tried separating them. After a few weeks we came to the decision that it was not working. H spent most nights in our bed and although it was nice to have a little cuddle with him, it meant restless nights and a grumpy mummy.

Once we put the bunk beds back together again all was well. Both Moo and H have been really good sleepers. H loves his sleep and would stay in bed till 9 if he could, maybe later. His sister is an early bird. Most days she will wake him and they will play together until they come and get us up.

The past few months have literally been hell, and I am really hoping its because of the lighter evenings. I am a stickler for routine and Moo does not cope well if she goes to bed late, especially on a school night. We tend to get them to bed by 7 and although that sounds early for some, if Moo stayed up later she would get herself into a tizz. H would play all night if he could!

Once they are in bed, and we have returned to the sofa, it tends to go to pot. A lot of running around and messing. H tends to crawl into his sisters bed and play with her toys, and Moo spends her time in the bathroom! There is only so much “get to bed” I can take, it becomes rather repetitive. What comes with messing around is late nights and sometimes they are still awake when I go to bed!! With late nights means stressful morning running around getting H out of bed ready for play school, and because H went to bed late he falls asleep at random times for hours on end!! Its a vicious circle at the moment.

Summer evenings are fantastic in a way that we get to spend them out in the garden till bedtime, but I hate the light. I am sure its the lighter evenings that have kicked started a downward spiral of bedtime disasters. I dread bedtime. Its a task in itself. Its a part of parenting that I am struggling with and I don’t like to struggle as I feel like a failure, like I cannot control what my children do.

I am just hoping that my thoughts of why its happening is true, that come winter they will reside back to there normal sleeping patterns and I will feel like a happier mummy again!

End Of Term Teachers Gifts {What To Buy}

With end of term fast approaching and thoughts on what to get teachers spinning round your head, I thought I would compile some of my favourite, effective teachers gifts that are not the bog standard you would find in supermarkets. I love the idea of personalised gifts and I think its quite thoughtful and meaningful.

Etsy and Not On The High street have a huge range of personalised gifts you could purchase and they won’t do to much damage to the purse strings either! Also there is a lovely little page over on Facebook that is currently making some lovely teachers gifts. I am all for supporting local businesses that are trying to get themselves known.

Here are some of my favourites, hopefully you like them too!

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage

Personalised Teacher Mr Or Miss Owl Mug/Card {notonthehighstreet}  // Personalised ‘Teacher Apple’ Class Names Print {notonthehighstreet} // Personalised Thank You Teacher Keyring {notonthehighstreet} // Personalised ‘Class Of 2015′ Teacher Print {notonthehighstreet} // Personalised Teacher Cup With Straw {little cut of love} // Personalised Thank You Teacher Paper Cut {little cut of love} // Teacher’s Gift | Personalised Scrabble Style Art | Thank you present for teacher {etsy} // Personalised Things We Love About Our Teacher Coaster {notonthehighstreet}

Weekly Round-Up #4

A week of illness and hot weather! Its been a busy week school wise and the weather has been totally on our side…

So without too much waffling, here is our third instalment of the #weeklyroundup

Sunday saw us visiting the in-laws and it also saw us celebrate fathers day. Moo had bought something for Mr B at the fathers day sale and had also made him a card. H had decorated a biscuit at play school, but by the time it had come to give to daddy, it had become a tad stale! The weather was a little dull but that didn’t stop us sitting in the summer house all afternoon at nanny and granddads.

Back to our normal schedules. Monday saw the start of 3 long days for Mr B {it results in 6 days off so not too much complaining here!} I came home and did some housework and got on top of all the washing. I had to wait in for an electrician who actually didn’t show in the allocated time slot. Once H was home we chilled on the sofa together. We picked Moo up and the electrician was waiting on the driveway. I had to send him packing due to taking Moo to swimming! So frustrating.. Moo has improved so much with her swimming and I get so much joy out of watching her.

Tuesday saw me drop both Moo and H off. At 11:30 I got a call from the school to say Moo was not well and could I bring some medicine for her. I quickly made a telephone call to a friend in the village and managed to get hold of some. It saved me going all the way home to pick some up. Once home me and H both had lunch and I pottered around the house. I later received a call to pick Moo up as she had not improved. I decided to book an appointment at the doctors as she was in quite a bit of discomfort. Luckily nothing to serious and was sent home with the diagnosis of a viral infection! An early night was needed for all!

I was not looking forward to today. Wednesday saw us travel over the M25 and across the bridge. I was nervous as the tolls have been taken done and although I had pre-paid I was anxious about the payment. We all had an appointment due to our car accident so it was a must we went. Luckily I found the place ok and was back home by 9.30am! I still had Moo off and I needed to change some clothes I had bought her, so a quick dash to M&S and a swap over over some shorts. We had to take H to play school and once I arrived I realised I forgot his lunch, so a quick dash home to retrieve it was needed. On the way home I stopped off at the chippy for some lunch! Mr B finished early {for once} and the weather was nice enough to sit in the garden till bedtime!

Thursday was a manic day. I had an appointment with H’s new teacher and then I watched Moo in a RE performance at school. Later we had a picnic at the school and that lead to the school summer fete! It was a long day {in the sun} which meant I was rather crispy when I got home. A McDonalds tea was needed!

After yesterdays long day Friday was a much more chilled affair. with both children at school and play school, Mr B and I took our cat Lily to the vet and then once back we went shopping. I picked H up and returned home to the paddling pool. It was hot so H enjoyed playing in it until Moo came home. We spent the evening in the garden which was lovely!

With nothing planned today, Saturday saw us out in the garden… All Day. It was so nice. Moo and H spent the day in the pool and the Mr and I watched. The Mr may of fell asleep and I may off topped up my tan!

What A Difference A Year Makes… {The Ordinary Moments}

This time last year, in this heat, I would have to lug drinks, snacks, paddling pool, slide and anything else that was needed to sit outside in the communal area. This time last year, it was normal for me to do it.

Yesterday was hot, so hot we opened up the backdoors from 8am and closed them at 9pm. It still is a bit overwhelming when I say I have a back garden. Some may say “get a grip” but really they have no understanding what it was like to live in a 2 bed flat with little space. This time last year we were still in that flat sweating away. Our sale had not completed and we were starting to think we would never, ever move.

Yesterday was bliss.. Mr B took Moo and H to the park, I tidied up the downstairs, hoovered and mopped. I was done by 10:30 and decided I would blow up the pool. Once everyone was back home, we had lunch and spent the day in the garden, our garden. Moo and H were in and out, me and the Mr lapped up the sun.

Moo loves the paddling pool and it isn’t the first time she has had it out this week. In fact the weather has been so nice she has had it out for the last 3 days. Summer has finally arrived and this is what i have been waiting for. Long summer days in the garden, with the people I love the most. Its everything I have wanted in such a long time and we finally have it. This is our first full summer in the house and so far, its not too shabby..


Moo lapping up the sun…


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The Interceptor, Burnt Shoulders, Fitness Mission… Little Loves 26/52

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

The weather has been a bit all over the place again this week. I really wish it would make its mind up as I am forever changing my mind on jumpers or summer tops! {the end of the week has been much better!}

Without to much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week…


I have managed to read lots this week. My bloglovin feed has been crazy and I have finally caught up with all my favourite blogs. There has been some really good reads this week too!


I have watched loads this week! There was talk in the playground of The Interceptor on BBC.. I missed it somehow but managed to catch up on iPlayer {yet to watch episode three} Its really good, so if you have missed it you should give it a go!


I also watched Sheridan Smith in Black Work. I am in two minds as too what I think, but I am going to carry on with it as I adore Sheridan and I think she is fantastic, and it could potentially be a huge programme.

I have caught up on all my reality TV and even managed to squeeze in An Hour To Save Your Life {BBC2} I was left sobbing throughout every episode.


I absolutely love this song and whilst looking for the video I realised they realised a part one and part two, same song just different music videos. Slightly odd, but I thought I would add both..


Shorts!!!!!! Woohoo! Finally summer seems to be here… The temperature yesterday rose 29° I was helping man a stall at Moo’s school fete, it was a lovely day and I may have some very burnt shoulders!


Not much.. I did “make” an attempt to change where I do my food shop, which resulted in a £45 saving! Was pretty impressed when the total rang up!

‘And lastly..’

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I am feeling really sluggish and now the warm weather is kicking in I am regretting not keeping my fitness mission up.. I am really going to try my best to loose a few pounds and hopefully start up running again, in the evening though as its too hot in the day!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

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