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  • What We Loved | April


    This month has been full of Loves. We have achieved quite a lot. I say it every month, but how quickly did April fly by? It only seemed like yesterday I was typing up a “What We Loved, March edition! with out too much waffling, this is what we loved about April Mr B Loved […]

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    I go through stages of thinking am I any good at this? I read other blogs and they are something I aspire to be like. I have my favourites and I read them religiously. I sometimes don’t comment but I read them. I sit in front of my laptop and have a moment of what […]

  • Life Lately
  • Life Lately | Health


    This week I had my second plastic surgery appointment post operation and I really was not looking forward to. I had so many questions floating around my head and was worried I would get verbal diarrhoea when speaking to the consultant! Its been a long painful six months since my operation and I still have a […]