Yankee Candles {Review}

I love yankee candles. I absolutely love their range of scents and out of the fair few they have I can count on one hand the ones I am not hugely fond of.

When they contacted me and asked me to review some, I jumped at the chance. Last week I received a lovely package and here is what I think of them!


I received 6 wax tarts and a cream satin wax burner. Now I was slightly worried that the wax would only last a few hours but after burning one tart for a few nights, I can see them lasting quite a while, which I am really impressed with! I was also worried about how I was going to get the hardened wax out of the burner once it had cooled, and yet again I was really surprised that when I turned the burner jar upside down it fell out! Easy as that!


Wax tart before burning


Wax tart after burning

I have managed to burn 3 out of the 6 I have received and I have loved every single one of them. The wax tart lets of a subtle smell, not to potent and even when its not burning it still vaporises the air and leaves a lovely smell that lingers, which is a good thing! Several occasions I have thought that the burner was burning, but it actually wasn’t!

As its getting nearer to christmas, I was sent some christmas scents {candy cane lane, angels wings, bay leaf wreath, silver birch, christmas garland and icicles} I have burnt {not all of it} candy cane lane, silver birch and icicles. All three have let of a scent of christmas and has really got me in the christmas mood. My favourite so far is candy cane lane, it was a sweet not over powering scent and lingered all day once burnt.

I have never thought about buying wax tarts, I have always gone for the larger glass jars, but since having these little beauties I will think twice as they are just as good. I really believed that they would last a couple of hours, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to blow the burner out that there was still plenty of wax burning to do.

You can pick up the wax tarts and the burner online, in-store or garden centres, they range in price but I have seen the tarts mostly for £1.20, and the burner for £4.99

Do let me know your favourite scent in yankee candle in the comments below!

I was sent the burner and six tarts for the purpose of this review and as alway the content and words are all my own.. 

The Little Girl {5 Years 11 Months}

You are six! When, or how did that happen? I still remember when we carried you home, you filled out that little car seat and you started our journey into parenthood.

I am not entirely sure, where the time time has gone. I am not sure how you have become to be six already. Since turning six you have changed so dramatically. You seem taller, more girly and less like the little girl you were when you were five! Its sounds strange writing that but its true! You seem to be full of questions, inquisitive about life.

Your not a school lover, you would much prefer to stay at home and do nothing. You don’t enjoy school you say, you want to go back to reception class so you can spend your day playing, not working! You have improved so well though, moving up book groups and you handwriting has come on so well. I push you to do better, only because I know you can. You are given homework {not that I agree with it at your age – baring in mind its not the basic spelling, its full on proper homework} but you put your all into. You do your best and I am proud that you do.

Your relationship with your brother has improved. You have your moments with each other but its not constant and you can play so well together. You don’t realise how much he misses you when you are at school! He is always asking when we are going to pick you up. Since splitting your bedrooms {which didn’t go too well at first, but we now have a good regime} you are free to hide away and have some time to yourself.

You have your little quirks, you shout a lot {I mean a lot!} You throw the odd tantrum, which could go on and on {and on} you can demand and not give up. But you can be such a caring, loving little girl, you know when to say sorry and how to say it. You can give the biggest cuddles and really mean them.

You are turning into the little girl I want you to be {apart from the tantrum side, which isn’t nice at all!} You make me proud, you make me smile when you run into my arms at the end of the school day, you are perfect the way you are and I wouldn’t change anything about you…

You, my gorgeous, funny, intelligent, witty little girl are the light of my life and you are everything I ever want you to be.. Don’t change and you will go far..

Him and Her {The Ordinary Moments}

These two and joint at the hip. He is the apple of her eye and she has him wrapped round his little finger. If I say no, he says yes.

Winter months are hard for us as a family as Mr B works a lot, long days and weekends. Its not a time I like, but when he is home we love it. We try and have fun {although previous to this photo being taken all hell broke loose!}

An evening out together as a family..

I love this photo of my two…


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Moo and Her Hearing…

Yesterday we found out Moo has to have an operation, my thoughts and feelings are at there most vulnerable at the moment..

Moo shouts a lot, I mean every minute of the day. We would always say “oh its the B gene” But when she failed her hearing test I knew it wasn’t just the B gene in her..

Several more attempts of her hearing test and still nothing. She complained she couldn’t hear the teacher anymore and I decided to put my foot down on the final hearing test and said something needed to be done.

I find myself repeating myself over and over and I find myself being ignored, a lot! I now know why, she really cannot hear a thing!! Her ears are so blocked with fluid it was no surprise she failed her hearing tests.

As much as I am pleased that something is going to be done, I find myself so anxious about the whole procedure. I now know what a grommit looks like as I had googled the image beforehand and I was horrified that they were so big! But they are not, in fact they are so minute that if you dropped it on the floor I doubt very much you would be able to find it again!

I thought we would have a long 8 weeks wait so it would prepare me for it but as soon as I was back from the hospital yesterday I was called with a cancellation, so in just over two weeks we will be heading to the hospital!

 Moo is now aware of what is going to happen thanks to the consultant who went into great detail of what was going to happen! I am going to leave it, and not mention it too her again as children really don’t have sense of time, she still talks about it being after christmas and I really do not want to break the news its sooner than she thinks!

I am hoping the next few weeks zoom past. Its a worry, the thought of Moo being put to sleep just scares me so much and the worry thats there will not leave until its over with. I know once its done we can give a sigh of relief and hope that she will be able to hear better than she does now!

Children are a worry, from the moment you fall pregnant, you worry, no one prepares you for that worrying feeling! Its really not nice but its all part of parenthood!

Love The Little Things #47

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

I have had such a chilled out week this week.. I have been enjoying my 3 hours each day to myself and took myself of shopping one day to tie up some last minute christmas bits for family. Not much else has happened in the B household!

But I have been loving lots this week so without further ado.. ..


Ok, I went to read my Kindle, but it died on me! I was so annoyed when I pulled it out of my bag and the battery symbol flashed up! I have not got round to charging it but I will do as I really want to complete my book!


I have just caught up on The Missing.. It is quite chilling and it makes you hold your children’s hand that bit tighter! I am really intrigued to see where it goes and am looking forward to the next episode {I believe I am still one behind!}

Is Nashville back in the UK? I have managed to watch it online and this season is so good! Loving every bit of it {although I wish she would get back with Deacon, god dammit!}

Im a celeb is the talk of the town at the moment, and I am so upset that Craig has had to make an emergency exit, and in such tragic circumstances too.. Very sad.. Gemma on the other hand was never going to hang it out! She was too moany for my liking and I really don’t like her her in TOWIE!


I am loving this song at the moment, I have been playing it ALOT on my spotify

and I am also ashamed to say that I kinda like this one too! Am I the only one?!?!


Heels! Last Friday I went out to a quiz night with some mums from H play-school. I don’t normally go out and it was nice to dress up a bit, skinny jeans, heels and a chiffon top! Nothing major but was nice to feel glam!


I made my coke in ham and it was, quite disastrous.. I left a lining on the gammon joint and it shrivelled up! I then tried to make it look better by smothering it in marmalade and shoving it in the oven to crisp up! It looked like something I would throw in the bin, but it did taste ok-ish.. Needs practise!

‘And lastly..’

So last week I drank far too much, but had a great time with the mums from H’s play school! Its really not often I go out and to be fair I don’t have much of a social life! So I was really looking forward to having a giggle with some other mums! We couldn’t believe it when the quiz host declared our team the winner! Not quite sure how it happened but it did!! Felt awful the next day but a cheeky Mac’donalds breakfast soon sorted me out!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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School Run Mornings… {The Ordinary Moments}

The school run is by far the most ordinary moment in my life. Its something I have stressed about and spoken about my worries and fears, but its so much fun with these two.. They make it easier and carefree. I must admit, 10 minutes before we leave can get a tad hairy and tempers fly but once we are on our way, it tends to melt away.


Love The Little Things #46

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

This week has been pretty mundane.. My shoulders are much lighter after a few surprise happenings this week in the playground and I now hope that my life on the school run will be so much easier {famous last words!}

But I have been loving lots this week so without further ado.. ..


I really need to catch up on my bloglovin feed! I have got so far behind in blog reading its become a joke! I love catching up with my most favourite, sometimes I just don’t get the time to read them all!

I have also spied a new book on Amazon that I want to download to my Kindle. Billy and Me at Christmas, by Giovanna Fletcher. I read her first novel within a week and I loved it, I cannot wait to read the follow up!


How good is this season of the walking dead?!? I know, I know, I go on and on about it every week but I just cannot get enough of it! I wish it was on every night of the week if I am honest! A whole 7 days is a long time to wait to catch up with the next episode!

Trollied is back {SKY ONE} I actually love this programme. I used to work in a supermarket and this programme is so true to life. I put the characters with people I used to work with too! I say bring back Jane Harrocks though!

Last night BBC 2 bought back The Fall and I am yet too watch so hopefully I don’t come across any spoilers. It was down to this linky that I found the programme, I cannot wait to catch up on it and I know Morgana was a huge fan of it last year too! If you have not watched the last series {Emma, I am looking at you} you should, it was such a mind spinner and a brilliant broadcast.


I absolutely love Tom Odell, and it just so happens he has bagged himself the most popular advert for christmas to showcase his work! Love this song and Im a sucker for the advert!


UGGs, Coats, Scarfs and Gloves! Its been so chilly here, sunny but chilly. The wind has been pretty bitter too and its set to stay! Boo


I have not made a thing. My ripple blanket is sat dormant and I must start it up again. Its always nice to cosy on the sofa and snuggle into the already made parts. I will hopefully pick it up again this week.

I am hoping to make a gammon dish this weekend too.. I really want a soft gammon dish, one that just falls apart! Fingers crossed I get what I want!!

‘And lastly..’

Im off out tonight! Nothing major, a quiz night raising funds for H’s play school! I am rather excited as I get to mix with mums I wouldn’t normally mix with! Im spreading my wings a little after my disastrous few months Ive been having in the playground!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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School Application Process Commences…

How on earth did I ever get to the point of having 2 children attending school?! Last week the application process opened and this week I built up the tear filled courage to apply.

When I applied for Moo, I was nervous. I lived on the schools doorstep and although I was quietly confident she would get in I was still nervous. What with it being a CofE school and not actually attending church {which guaranteed you a place in the school if you went to church!} We only attended the local church for Moo’s christening. On top of all that I had to get a supplementary form signed from your parish to hand in to the school! She got in though and its a really good school, fantastic ofsted results and all the staff are so friendly.

I am more nervous this time round. More nervous than last time. We unfortunately do not live on the schools doorstep anymore, and I have since gone back to church, but only for H’s christening. But siblings is second on the admissions criteria, so thats the thing I am grasping onto. I still need the supplementary from signed {or not in my case} and thankfully going to church has dropped down the criteria list!

I would be devastated if H did not get in, I would not take Moo out of the school she has settled so well into. I would not send H to another school, how could I? I can’t be in two places at once! I am trying not to think about that though, I am imagining dropping both children off together and picking both children up together.

H has made so many friends through the village play-shcool {which is not connected to the school and doesn’t give you a boost if you go} I would be gutted if he lost that. He plays so well with them and has a lovely little friend whose sister is in Moo’s class. It would be my ideal if he got into his first choice school.

Its a long 5 month wait though, so until then my heart will take the extra stress and worry of not knowing, the fate of H’s future lays in the hands of my local council {which doesn’t give me much hope!}

Are you applying for school this year? What are your thoughts on preference?

Tantrums At Dawn…

No one can ever prepare you for motherhood. The trials and tribulations it brings.

Last week Moo turned six. This was something she was really looking forward to, but since turning six I have non-stop shouted, screamed, banned things and generally lost my rag with her. No one can ever prepare you for that.

It is like a switch has gone, and the younger Moo has turned into an older diva. I can only put it down to one thing and thats the way she has been treated the past week. In fact she was so spoilt from family and friends, she received so many lovely gifts, its no surprise she has acted this way. I am guessing we are on the downhill slump. Receiving presents over two days was something of a goldmine for Moo, its the after effect thats not nice.

Moo’s attitude has become something I never wished my child to have. It is rude and obnoxious and I have to admit I blame that on school. Watching children in the playground talking to each other is like watching an animal life programme. Lions preparing for battle. The constant bickering and arguing takes it toll on children and they pick things up and then throw it back at us, the parents.

I am continually asking her, repeating myself to do things and I get a sneer back, evil eyes, and a remark of “you do it” Its like waving a red flag in front of a bull if I am honest! She is six?! When did she learn to be so disobedient? To talk back? I try, I really try to be calm but most of the time it ends in an argument.. I, me, the adult is arguing with a six year old?!? How is that possible?

These are snippets of my day, they are not all filled with moments of despair. My Moo is still there, she is most of the time a lovely little girl, one who will sit contently with me, hug me, kiss me at the school gates, say sorry {I mean really says sorry when she has upset me, from the heart} tells me she loves me daily. These are the moments I am clinging onto, the moments where she acts her age and not a double digit age bracket!

Whats In My Bag… {The Essentials!}

Ive wanted to do a post like this for a while, so when RelayRides contacted me and asked me what my must have travel essentials were. RelayRides is all about trying to make traveling easier and more affordable by offering airport rental cars in addition to their standard service.

I thought I could put a twist on it {purely because Ive not been away in a few years!!} So before I leave the house I always make sure the following are in my bag! Ive had a good rummage threw mine and here is what I have found!


First and for most is my most important possession {other than my children of course!} I take my phone everywhere and if its not in my hand/pocket its in my bag!


Ive recently put a diary in my bag, even though I have iCal on my phone, sometimes I like it written down. Moo has so many dates/parties and school events I need to keep track of!


Purely for me!


Why is it that no matter how hard you do to keep you bag tidy you always end up with a fistful of receipts? Most of the time they are months old too! Ive recently decluttered the receipts from my bag, but I am sure in a a matter of weeks I will have another handful ready to be thrown!


Obviously this is going to be in mosts peoples bag? Whats a bag with out a purse?

Then of course the child accessories I end up lugging around!


I always take juice, there is always one child that wants a drink. If Im popping out to a supermarket, its guaranteed one child will ask for juice!


For those sticky situations. I always have a pack in the boot of the car anyway but its always handy to have a small pack in your bag.

Fruit Flakes/Bear Fruit Rolls

I normally bribe my children “if your good you can have a snack” Most of the time it doesn’t work out that way and one way or another I loose my cool at something they have done. Its handy to have something easy to give them on the occasions I don’t though!

Spare undies 

There is always a chance little ones will have accidents! Nine times out of ten I end up with pants in my bag!

Odds and Ends

I actually found Lego in my bag! Small bits, but still lego! I also have been carrying around toy eggs {the boy is obsessed!} and kinder egg surprise toys!

Its actually quite amazing what I can fit in my bag, but I am guessing as a parent you make room for it! I didn’t realise I had some much in there until I poured it out onto the kitchen counter!

So what are your travel must haves? Would love to know what’s in your bag?