The School Diaries #1

I wish I had started this a few years ago. I really should of done when Moo started school but I didn’t think about it then, so I am going to start now.

Once a month I am going to post a little update on how Moo and H are doing at school. I think its nice to look back on and see how they have progressed over the year.

So here is my first School Diary

Moo has now been at school for two years. She swiftly returned and has been enjoying her first month back in Year 2. I think it helps when she likes the teacher! Every evening I get lots of chatter of everything she has done throughout the week and its so lovely to hear. Moo is excelling in her reading and I am blown away every time she opens up her book. Its amazing to hear her fluently reading.

During the summer Moo really concentrated on her writing and I have seen a huge improvement since being back at school. She really enjoys writing and literacy and she is always telling me they are her favourite subjects. Maths is a bit of a weak subject and she isn’t really such a fan {I never was either!} She has improved so much in Year 2 though and we are only 5 weeks in.

Another favourite subject is PE she really likes gymnastics and I really hope she continues to love it {again I was never a fan of this subject either!}

I am so pleased with Moo’s level of academic. I think she fits in with her age and I couldn’t ask her to do anymore than she is. She is eager to learn and is becoming so much more confident in her subjects.

H has really surprised me at school I really didn’t think he would be that eager to learn anything or take part in classroom activities but he has. By week three of school we had the rendition of the phonics song and he would show me the sounds and actions. He is always eager to let me know when he has learnt new sounds and proudly shows them off.

Reading is still hit and miss, I try and explain the words and sounds but I think its going to take time {obviously!} He is willing to sit down with a book and try which is all I can ask for. He will get it, he just needs a little bit more time. H’s learning is still based around play.

H is quite honest in telling me he doesn’t like dinner time, I can see why, it is a bit overwhelming for a small boy. Moo has been taking care of him as much as she can and he does seem to be improving. We have less tears 5 weeks in.

Both Moo and H have settled back into school really well and I am so proud of them. I will be back next month with my second edition of the School Diaries

– Weekly Round Up #13 –

Its been a while since I posted a weekly round-up post, what with everything thats gone on, but I am back and raring to tell you all about my {boring} week!

Sunday we went to my sisters for lunch. Mr B was quite relived as he could work on the bathroom in peace! Moo has missed her cousin J so much recently and the only time we really all get together is in school holidays, so it was nice to pop over and let them play. Once home, Mr B had to make another trip out to the DIY store and stock up on bits. I returned to a toilet fitted and the sink just about! Was a tad excited!!

Back to normal on Monday. Moo and H were packed off at school and I came home and caught up on all the washing. I rewarded myself with some catch up TV in the afternoon! I had to take Moo swimming after school.. She is doing so well and even managed to jump in {still holding the teachers hand – small steps and all!}

Tuesday I was feeling a little ill.. Ever since the operation Ive not felt 100% and I can’t put my finger on it. I didn’t really do much all day. Pottered around the house. Moo and H came out of school rather chirpy and Moo really enjoys telling me what she got up too throughout the day. H is still at the “i don’t know stage”

I really wasn’t feeling great on Wednesday, so after a dash to Sainsbury’s to do some shopping I came home and had a light lunch and took myself of to bed. I slept till I had to do the school run! I felt 10 times better when I woke! My mum and her husband came over for dinner. Unfortunately he has not been well and instead of coming over Monday we swapped the days. Was nice to catch up. Me and Mr B settled down to watch the Bake Off Finale..

Thursday I made a mad dash to the supermarket after the school run. I was eager to get back home and watch the final Dr Foster! Once I was home I sat down with a cuppa snd indulged in it. I have loved this series and the final didn’t disappoint! Once back from the school run, Me, Moo and H sat down and did some reading. H is still recognising words via the pictures, but Moo amazes me!

Was a strange day Friday. I dropped Moo and H off at school and I went home. Did some housework and before I knew it I was back at the church watching the Harvest festival. Moo and H walked {with chaperones} down to he church and did their harvest display. H got a bit teary and Moo was just so cute! We walked back and was able to take the children once they returned. Was such a lolly afternoon. An easy peasy tea for the children and a takeaway curry for mummy and daddy once they were in bed.

Saturday we slobbed, all day.. Mr B continued with the bathroom and me and the kids did nothing {I did get the washing done!}

– My Life From Now {The Ordinary Moments} –

I have been a bit silent when it has come to this linky.. Its one of my favourites and I have not joined in for months. Its been a rough few months what with H starting school and my health issues, but I needed to join back in. I enjoy reading others #ordinarymoments and its always nice to look back at my own from the past few years.

This ordinary moments is a bit of a self indulgent one and a bit of a “awareness post” its basically all about my life from now on in. Regular readers will know that during the summer I was diagnosed with skin cancer. Not just any old skin cancer. the worst form possible. The consultant didn’t beat around the bush either in telling me. From then on its been a bit of a whirlwind and although its been dealt with and I have gone in for a second operation to clean up and take more tissue, its still seems a bit surreal.

I am officially a cancer patient for the next 5 years and even typing it scares me. I know its all down to precaution and to keep that extra close eye on me, but 5 years of hospital visits is going to take its toll. This week I received my first cancellation letter and its frustrating that I have to chase them for a new appointment. Not only that, I can’t go over the 3 month mark, which is even more frustrating as the people booking don’t know why, or understand the sense of urgency that my appointments are kept to a strict schedule.

So here comes the awareness bit… I only found my mole because of a spot, I started to pick at it and when it didn’t come off I checked it in the mirror, only then to realise the mole didn’t look normal. I am quite a moley person and my stomach and back are where the majority are. I have always been aware of them but never have I constantly checked them like I am now. Do you have a mole that is loosing its shape? Changing in colour? Itchy? Painful? looking inflamed? Getting bigger? If yes, I would go and get them checked out, just to ease your mind. I wasn’t actually going to go to the doctors, it wasn’t until Mr B said I should that I booked the appointment, imagine if I didn’t?

I am now constantly checking, constantly measuring and looking out for changes, maybe more often than I should, but when you’ve faced it once I think your more aware. At the moment I am waiting on my final test results from the clean up {and the removal of one other mole} and I just hope to god they come back clean. My neck {where the mole was} has been through the mill and its still quite sore and very tight due to the amount of skin they took. Its hard to look right as it pulls the skin tighter and its just generally uncomfortable. But yes, I would rather have it that way than still have the mole.

I keep telling people about the effects and then at the end of the conversation I always throw in “you wouldn’t ignore a lump would you? No you wouldn’t…

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Finales, Reef, Bakes… Little Love 40/52

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

What a week! It has flown by and I cannot believe I am sat here typing up my #littlelove post! Only felt like yesterday I was doing last weeks!

Without to much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week…


Continuing with Harry Potter this week. I tend to get to the school a little earlier so I can get a parking space. Taking my book with me has helped pass the time!


As well as everyone else, I watched Bake Off and I was so pleased with the result. I think she did a fantastic job throughout the whole final and totally deserved to win it.

I also watched Dr Foster and I was hooked from the first episode.. The last episode was jammed pack and I am gutted its come to an end! Following on from a great BBC drama, I started to watch From Darkness, which is also on BBC ONE and its a police investigation series. I have watched episode one and I am hoping it picks up.

I have become a bit obsessed with Australian Masterchef too which is on during the day on Watch.


H singing the phonics song {for the sound “A”} He is such a little cutie and seems to be doing well at school! Moo also enlightened me with her harvest festival song she is singing at church today!

I have been listening to this ALOT thanks to it being one of the music questions last week in a quiz night I went too..


I have made the most of the coolish weather and had my poncho on most mornings, but by school pick-up its been quite warm so its not been needed. I really wish the weather would make its mind up!

I bought some new slippers last week too, cosy toes are the best..


Last week I made a Raspberry and Almond cake. You can read the recipe here… It was a belated birthday cake for Mr B and it went down pretty well.. Didn’t last long at all!

‘And lastly..’

Hopefully this weekend my bathroom will be finished! I cannot wait to do the reveal post and considering my husband has done all the work himself he has done a marvellous job.. I am so bloody proud of him!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

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– Raspberry Bakewell Cake –

I have not baked anything in a while and what with it being Mr B’s birthday last week I decided to make a late birthday cake at the weekend {not your traditional cake mind!}



  • 140g ground almonds
  • 140g butter, softened
  • 140g golden caster sugar
  • 140g self-raising flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 250g raspberries
  • 2 tbsp flaked almonds
  • icing sugar, to serve


  1. Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and base-line and grease a deep 20cm loose-bottomed cake tin. Blitz the ground almonds, butter, sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla extract in a food processor until well combined.
  2. Spread half the mix over the cake tin and smooth over the top.
  3. Scatter the raspberries over, then dollop the remaining cake mixture on top and roughly spread – you might find this easier to do with your fingers.
  4. Scatter with flaked almonds and bake for 50 mins until golden.
  5. Cool, remove from the tin and dust with icing sugar to serve.

– Covers, Harry Potter, Poncho’s… Little Loves 39/52 –

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

We have finally reached October, September seemed to fly by what with starting school, operations and recovery {which is going well!} This week I have been so busy I forgot to pre-schedule my Little Loves, so I have settled the children down with a snack and some TV and I have taken myself off to write this..

Without to much waffling, this is what I have been loving this week…


I am back reading Harry Potter. I had to have my dressings changed last week, so I wanted an easy read. I am already full stem ahead on the first book. They are always my go-to book when I stuck on what to read.


Ive watched a fair bit this week. Gogglebox is back which is entertaining! I really really want to apply for it!

I have this weeks Dr Foster to watch, judging by my Facebook feed it was a good episode! I am really enjoying this series.

GBBO went on this week, I can’t believe the result {trying not to give away any clues!} I was a little shocked.


This… {so much better than the original!}

and this…


Oh I can fill this section with lots of new bits this week! Firstly after Sian’s posted about her Harry Potter pjs last week, I was on the hunt for some.. Managed to pick these up from Primarni {very cheap too!}


I then bought a gorgeous Poncho {wanted one for ages!} and I got myself some bargain jeans from Dorothy Perkins and some ankle boots. I originally bought a dark plum pair of boots, but got home and realised I had mistakingly picked up one size five and the other size six! So I returned them and bought the tan ones I had originally seen. IMG_2955

Excuse the floor!!


Pretty brooch to hold up the poncho!


Not much, it was Mr B’s birthday this week and I was going to bake a cake, but I felt unwell so I promised I would make one at the weekend..

‘And lastly..’

This week has been such a better week in regards to recovery that the last! Ive managed to get myself out and about seeing friends and family. Tomorrow I am off to a quiz night and then Sunday I think I am just going to relax all day! Luckily I don’t have to go back to the hospital till December now, which is a relief!

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

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– I’ve Lost My Boy To The School –

When people ask me how I am enjoying my free time I honestly don’t know how to answer them. I want to be honest and I want to scream at them but its polite to just answer, its ok, than actually tell them the truth…

I have lost my boy to the school…

I hate it…

I hate being alone…

I hate not having him there behind me…

I hate going to the kitchen and him not being there…

I hate going to the toilet and him not standing behind the door…

I hate making lunch for me, and only me…

I hate not having the afternoon snuggles on the sofa…

I hate not being able to play out in the garden with him…

I hate not having Peppa Pig on 24/7… Okay Okay that might be a lie…

I just hate it…

I don’t think I will ever get used to the fact that I have lost my little boy, my baby, to the school playground

Will it ever get easier?