OXO Herb Mincer Review

When I was sent the OXO strawberry Huller I was also sent an OXO Herb Mincer to review too.. I thought it would be way easier to write them up in two different post, but if you missed the review on the Huller you can read it here..

I was pretty impressed from the start with the mincer, it basically says what it does in the title. I managed to have some rosemary in the fridge so I got straight to it and started cutting it up with the mincer. It was so easy to use and beats using a knife. With its soft non slip grip, it keeps hands away from the blades and it also has a lovely little lip at the end of the mincer that works as a scraper to gather up the chopped herbs!



I didn’t just test it out on the herbs.. One job I really hate doing is chopping up garlic, I have the smell on me for ages and I thought rather than use the knife {again} I would try the mincer on it.. I was pleasantly surprised how well it took to slicing through it, once it had broken down a little its blades cut through and left me with tiny chopped up pieces of garlic and my hands and fingers didn’t smell! Perfect..


Its so easy to clean, it comes apart into two pieces which in its self is easy enough for anyone to do and clips back into place once clean. You can also just open the mincer up to wipe away any herbs that have collected between the blades.. It is also dishwasher safe! It comes with a handy plastic cover to replace over the blades once clean too.

I can see myself using this time and time again in the kitchen, such a handy little gadget to have around!

** I was sent this item for free as part of the review, all words and opinions are my own**

OXO Strawberry Huller Review

I was recently asked to review the OXO strawberry huller.. I am huge fans of OXO and already had a few of their items {The potato peeler is amazing!} Anyhoo, back to the huller..

I was really excited about reviewing this as we go through quite a lot of strawberries a week in packed lunches.


The huller is a quick and easy way to remove all the strawberry hull. The idea is you insert the huller into your strawberry by releasing the prongs and you give it a quick twist and release with the hull inside the huller. Simple!

I actually found it quite hard work, to be fair, my strawberries were quite soft and the first few attempts I mashed them into a sloppy mess trying to remove the hull. Once I had the knack of it I did manage to get the inside of the strawberries out but again, the strawberry was quite squashed by the end result. If my fruit was more firm I can see the product working. I also found that the strawberries cannot be too small, the batch I had bought to review the item were not a very generous size which meant the Huller went straight through the strawberry!

I am definitely going to try and use the product again, I am going to go into a store and by large, fresh, strawberries and I have a good feeling that the Huller will work much better on them rather than the strawberries I was delivered on my shopping {the downside to online shopping!}

I wouldn’t write this product off, as it has the potential to be fantastic, if only the strawberries were good!

The Huller comes apart for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.


** I was sent this item for free as part of the review, all words and opinions are my own**

Thankful {The Ordinary Moments}

I look at Moo and H I am forever thankful that they are here. It was never a life or death situation, but It was a weird experience. Moo entered the world in a mad rush, her birth was more horrendous than I could ever had imagined. You have a plan set out and you want to stick to that plan, and although Moo’s birth was scary, and resulted me being rushed into theatre, I got to hold her at the end of it, I got to take her to the ward and cuddle her till my hearts content. H on the other hand was the complete opposite, It was calm, I walked to theatre, rather than being pushed madly through the doors, I was aware, I felt every prick, and scratch that my body could take and at the end of it I didn’t get to hold him like I did Moo.

Its weird, how something so straight forward, can go so wrong. I was never warned of the complications.. I can see now, how it can happen. Moo was ready, she was so ready to exit, but I just couldn’t do it. My body failed to do what mother nature handed to us. She was so big I was never going to be able to push her out and quite frankly I am pleased as hell I didn’t as the after effects of it all would of only meant me being rushed to theatre for more serious problems. It was only the point where I signed the consent form that I got worried, I feared for her life, I was so unaware what was happening that I knew there and then that I would never put myself through this again.

But that changed when H was about to arrive, I was calm, collected and more certain than ever that everything would be ok and I would have a baby in my arms. Mr B was the one to notice, the one to pick up on the sound, he was the one that bought it up with the doctors and he was the one that had to leave me and take him to special care.

Being a parent throws some massive curveballs at you and you just get on with it, you do anything for these new babies that you have been nurturing over the last 9 months and it doesn’t stop there, you nurture them for the rest of their lives.

Every day I am thankful that I have Moo and H, some days are worse than others, some days I just want to scream and shout and give up but I think at how well we have managed so far and how wonderful that they are turning into such lovely, kind, confident, generous, strong, children.

Its me and Mr B that are mapping out there future, working to give them a life that only they deserve, and boy am I thankful for that…

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The Week That I Captured 17/52

Its been a funny old week this week.. It started off well but it deteriorated halfway through and I got myself into a ti about H startting school! My anxieties about it are through the roof at the moment and I feel quite sad that I am loosing my little mate come September..

Anyhoo, without to much waffling this is what else we got up too!


The husband worked all weekend and I had nothing planned.. I prepared a roast and stayed in my pyjamas all day.. It was actually quite nice! The kids were bored stiff though! Thank fully the garden became a life saver and they spent most of the day out there!


With everything back to normal, it was mayhem.. The school run can either go really well and I don’t get stressed, or it can be awful and I am stressed to the max trying to get everyone out the door for half eight! I wanted to come home and relax, but I had some tidying up to do.. I hoovered, mopped and cleaned both bathrooms in 3 hours!

Moo had swimming and she did really well.. My mum and her partner came and watched which was nice as they got to see her perform. Moo got rather embarrassed but she did a mighty good job of swimming a whole length {practically!} under water!


I did the school run and I rushed to meet a friend for a coffee.. I managed to scoff down a lovely chocolate and coconut cake! Was delicious and have a good ole natter..

I had to pop to Halfords as my break light needed replacing! I am glad I got them to do it as I think I would of broken something along the way.. I also bought some new pencils and felt tips for Moo and H! All her other ones lost their lids {somehow!!}


I didn’t have anything major planned for today, both kiddies at school/playschool so I came home and chilled, I caught up with all my TV and didn’t move from the sofa!

I arrived extra early to pick Moo up so me and H had fun with my phone! *obviously*


As part of my fitness mission, me and a friend managed to walk 4.5 miles this morning while I had 3 hours free.. I felt so good after and we had a good old natter whilst we did it..

My shopping was delivered in the afternoon and me and H snuggled on the sofa till we had to leave and pick Moo up


Mr B was off today, and I did the school run, whilst he stayed at home with some electrical people to sort out a live wire we have.. Thankfully by the time I was home, they were finished!

I watched a programme that has scarred me for life, I cried all morning and quite frankly felt like poo.. TV doesn’t affect me that much but when I really indulge into something I like, things bother me.. Honestly its a silly programme but the after effect it had on me was awful! I had to have cuddles from Mr B and I made him assure me that nothing was going to happen, to him, me, or the kids!  {all over a bloody TV show!!}

I was teary all day, so to cheer me up we had a curry and a cheeky vodka!


We spent the morning at soft play and enjoyed a *cough* McDonalds lunch!

We came home and spent the afternoon in the garden.. I mowed and trimmed the lawn and it is starting to look very green!  Moo was suffering from a high temperature so she spent the afternoon on the sofa! {Hopefully nothing sinister!}

PicMonkey Collage

tea and cake // foot selfie // me and my H // fitness mission // vodka and coke time

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Getting Fit, American TV, Red Hair… Little Loves 17/52

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

This week has been such a lovely week weather wise! The sun has been out and I have made the most of it in the garden! Unfortunately by Thursday it had dropped in temperature considerably and the coat was back out!! How depressing!!!

 This is what I have been loving this week!


I have read quite a few blog post this weeks. The ones that stand out for me are, the wonderful post from Lucy over at dearbeautiful announcing her 3rd pregnancy.. Such a lovely post. Secondly this post from my fellow Little Love-er K-A, about her week of good news and she seriously has been through the mill, and thankfully everything was good and she shared all her news through a lovely written blog post..


I have watched loads! I mean loads!! I have caught up with all my sky planner recordings and I am up to date with all my american programmes too!

MIC is back an quite frankly just as good as all the other series.. Bitchy and trashy!

I watched the final Ordinary Lies on BBC and was a little disappointed with the ending.. It just ended abruptly! I am hoping for a 2nd series and I really enjoyed it..

I am as broody as ever after watching the last One Born!

I have started watching Chicago Fire too which is no where near as good as some american programmes but watchable and is making me go back each time for the next episode..

I am also ahead on Greys Anatomy and am running alongside America, this season has had me quite literally shouting at the TV.. I am hoping its not going to go down the route they are making you believe! There has to be a twist somewhere, but at the moment I can’t see it!

I also caught this on Facebook this week.. I love James Corden and this is just brilliant!


This song is always on in the car.. Its constantly played on the radio and its grown on me.. Moo has become quite prone to asking for it now! I have to keep telling her I cannot control the radio!!


My coat! Seriously yes… I have been absolutely LOVING the fact I can walk out the door in a cardigan, I am feeling so god damn awful that the coat made a re-appearance this week! It turned pretty cold on Wednesday and although the sun shone, the chill and wind wasn’t at all nice! Bring back that warm front!!


I made such an awful tea the other night.. I blame the chicken! We were stuck for dinner ideas so we popped out to M&S and bought a chicken and some fresh veg and garlic potatoes.. Everything was fine but the chicken was awful.. Didn’t taste like chicken and has put me off cooking it again anytime soon!

I also made  complete an utter mess of the bathroom whilst dying my hair.. The stuff gets everywhere! I noticed far too many greys hairs poking through so it was time to get the DIY hair kit out.. I always go for a red, and I am loving how its taken this time..

‘And lastly..’

I am on a get fit mission for summer.. Its slow progress but I a managed to walk 5 miles yesterday and I felt fantastic after.. I tried running last week, but I think I need to ease my self in gently! I ached for days after! I already feel better and have even managed to do some sit ups before leaving the house! Go me!!

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Paper Tag Beets Blu Key Finder Review…

A few weeks ago, I was contacted to see if I wanted to review the Beets Blu Key Finder. For someone that is always {and I mean always} losing her keys I was all for it!


The package arrived and I was very keen to get started. The Key Finder works with an application you download to your phone called PaperTag. It allows you to track the pager via the app on your mobile phone. It can help you to track your valuables and detect where lost or forgotten items are. The Pager Tag will also alert you when your item is outside of a certain range, via sound and LED lights. It can track location, and it also has an alarm which can be triggered to sound from the Beets Blu app.

If you loose you keys {like me!} then all you have to do is open up the app on your phone and sound the alarm. The key fob then makes a beeping noise so you are able to find the keys quickly, rather than run around like a madman trying to locate them!


The simple application which is used inline with the key fob..

I was really quite impressed with the Beets Blu PagerTag, and it is definitely something I can see myself using. I have to admit that the PagerTag is quite sensitive, you may find that when the connection with the device is lost, for instance when the phone is upstairs and the keys downstairs, the Pager Tag sounds an alarm to let you know its out of range, sometimes it can be too much! But overall I think this is a pretty good thing to have.

I struggled at first in trying to get the app and key fob paired together once the connection was lost, but with a few taps on the app, and I click of the key fob, I soon had them back together. The instructions are fairly basic and just lets you know how to set the device up with the app, so my only criticism would be that it needed more information on how to use them together.


You don’t just have to have this for your keys, you can slip it in your wallet, laptop bag, handbag.. Its definitely something that is going to be attached to my keys from now on.. Its a handy little device to have around! This is one little gadget I will be making full use out of..

**I was sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review, all opinions and views are my own**

The House Makeover #The Bathroom

We have now been in our house for 9 months and although we have been rater slow at making it our own, we have been thinking lately what we want to do first.

The bathroom was always going to be a priority as it only housed a shower unit and for a bath lover like me, that was never going to last. This week we have been talking about maybe starting it, and this leaves me a tad excited! I am so looking forward to the bath time routine becoming that little bit easier!

We have specific things we want and as its not a huge bathroom we are going for space saving items.  has everything we are looking for. For instance, we would love a L shaped bath and shower to fit snuggly along one wall. This still means we get the shower and I most importantly get my bath! The toilet is just an easy pick, but because we have decided on the bath shape, we are going to stick with a square toilet and basin. To finish the bathroom off we would like to add two heated towel rails.

The tiles are my main obsession at the moment and I am in love with the “subway” look. My favourite colour is teal and I can envisage the wall that the bath is along to be teal subway tiles. I think it will look really effective and then we would tile around the window and sink in plain white tiles {still the subway look}. I have yet to decide what colour floor tiles I want but I am thinking white, but the Mr thinks that will be too clinical!

We are on the hunt for some storage, at the moment we have an under the sink cupboard and a wall cabinet and we use both.. I like the idea of shelves of some kind but the Mr wants to try and get another wall cabinet. We shall see who wins the debate!

The wall that will have the heated towel rail will be painted white.

PicMonkey Collage

You can find the bathroom suit on Bella Bathrooms

We are hopefully going to be kicking of our makeover soon and no doubt I will be letting you all in on the journey. The Mr has decided he will attempt it all {minus the plastering!} He is pretty handy!

Bella bathrooms has everything you would need, from the tiles, to the taps and it is so easy to just order it all and wait for delivery! I have been busying myself in searching their website for inspiration and I have already found lots!

You should check out my Pinterest bored of all the things I love for my bathroom makeover!

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