A “Frozen” Day Out – A Posh Tea {Part 2}

This weekend Moo, myself and some friends went to London for a special airing of Frozen, it was in fact a sing along edition and you can read about it here..

This post is about the after event! Afternoon tea at the Hilton hotel Park Lane! It was my very first time having afternoon tea, so I was so excited! It was a special afternoon tea too as it was all chocolate! My kind of afternoon tea!

Now I am rather fussy, so a few swapsies were passed around the table, but once the sandwiches were out the way, the chocolate cakes and pastries were bought in!






I managed to bring a few bits home, but, due to the hot weather and a shaky hand, the cupcakes and the yummy pastry ended up on the side of the box! not exactly edible, Totally gutted as I bought a few things home for the husband!


I managed to bring this chocolate plate home! This is what a quarter of the cakes/pastries were served on! Thick chocolate! I cannot wait to indulge in it later {unless by the time this goes live I have managed to gobble it up!}

I indulged in a chocolate chip scone, a milk and white chocolate cup cake, a chocolate macaroon, which was so yummy! Moo, indulged in a white chocolate Meringue, a chocolate macaroon and several hundred chocolate balls! I also had a cheeky glass of champers {with orange} and the most amazing cup of tea!

After tea, we jumped in a black cab to the station, another first for Moo! I was starting to feel rather tired after tea, so we all decided to save our legs and get a cab, it was quite a walk with 4 little ones so it was the best option {one I especially liked!!} Moo started to liven up on the tube, making every body laugh, she really surprised me with how well she coped with it all, I honestly thought she would be clinging to me all day, being in an unknown environment! But she was fantastic.. I was a bit over paranoid so I clung to her more than she wanted me too! You can never be too careful though! My fear was loosing her!!

It was a lovely afternoon to finish of our lovely day together!

The Rainbow, Ripply, Crochet Blanket…

A few weeks ago, it was my birthday and I managed to get my hands on 27 balls of wool. I was so excited as I wanted to finally make myself a blanket.

I started crocheting last year and I made a granny square blanket, but it didn’t get finished as, well time just went away with me and I ended up making one for my new baby nephew instead!

From the day I started I wanted to make a ripple blanket, I finally plucked up the courage and YouTube’d a few clips on how to ripple and away I went.

I am crocheting at every given opportunity, when the kids are outside in the paddling pool, I go out and sit with them hooks in hand, of an evening watching catch up TV with the husband, the hook is at the ready! I am so into this project as you see results straight away. I know for definite this blanket will be finished for winter.



Other than the baby blanket {and a few bunting projects} this is my favourite, by far! keep posted for updates on how its coming along!


I just want to scream….

In February we accepted an offer on our teeny tiny 2 bed flat, we were ecstatic, finally we wouldn’t have to walk up two flights of stairs to our front door, finally we would be able to swing open the back doors of our newly purchased house, finally the children would have a garden they could spend their summer days, finally we would own a house, not a flat.

5 months on and we are still waiting. It is the most frustrating thing in the world, waiting for answers and waiting for that all important date.

The stress I {and the husband} am under is not good. We are constantly phone watching, the phone rings and I jump up to realise its not them calling, I wake up every morning, thinking is this the day? {it never is} I have taken to calling the solicitors on a weekly basis and its all repetitive…

“we have more questions to ask/answer”

How many questions is too many? All I want is to not feel the need to scream down the phone, to shout how important it is for us to be in. All I want is to hear those precious words of, you can move on this date…..

Moo has now begun to ask questions, when are we going to be in our house? When are we going to get a garden? When am I going to get my own room? I cannot give her answers, because I just don’t know..

I have heavy shoulders with all the stress, its annoying that its taken so long, I would love to say, we can sign the contracts next week, but I just don’t know when it will be..

I have had enough, I have had enough of the waiting, and the way I am feeling, the stress feeling and most importantly the constant feeling of wanting to scream…

My Top Seven {The Baking Edition}

There is something about baking, I adore it, I love making cakes band trying new recipes. Whats more, I love baking accessories. I could spend a day in Lakeland and ponder at all the baking products!
I have managed to pick 7 of a very very long list of baking accessories that are in my wish list!
My Top Seven {The Baking Edition}
From left to right Fred Bubby’s Matryoshkas Measuring Cups // EDDINGTONS Mini chef baking set //Pottery Barn Glass Pedestal Stand & Dome // Camp Home Filomena Baking Collection // Pear 5-qt. Artisan Stand Mixer // Linea Vintage baking large pink mixing bowl // Typhoon Novo Mechanical Scales, Cream

My number one favourite on this list is the Kitchen Aid! I will get one, at some point in my lifetime! It would make baking so much easier!

Whats you favourite baking accessory?

A “Frozen” Day Out… {Part One}

A few months ago, some mums at the school suggested we take the girls out for a special Frozen cinema trip… Frozen, if you don’t know has taken the world by storm! Moo is obsessed with it and I knew straight away she would love it.

It was special as it was actually a sing along event. It was being shown in London and everybody had to dress up! The stress kicked in when I realised I was unable to actually purchase a dress! The Frozen phenomenon had taken over and you could not purchase any Frozen merchandise ANYWHERE!

I did manage to buy the dress, I paid over the odds on Ebay for “the real deal” and I also bought matching Elsa shoes {which mistakenly I bought too big, so we had to come up with a cunning plan of inserting pumps inside so they didn’t fall off – oh the dramas!}

IMG_6961This photo, says it all {even though her face has been cut off!} her little smile sums it up!


So on Sunday we travelled up to London, kitted out in our Elsa gear. It was Moo’s first ever time on a train {yes, I know!! shocking} We arrived in plenty of time so we stopped off at Victoria Embankment park and ate our lunch. Once finished we hopped on the train and arrived at our destination! Leicester Square.

It was so busy, we headed straight in armed with popcorn and ice-cream. It was amazing the effort everyone put into their costumes. Everyone looked really good. Once the film started it was all about the singing! Everyone put there all into it and I managed to film everyone singing too! {Its blacked out as there was no lighting, but you get the idea!}

It was all very interactive, having little clappy hands {which you can hear in the video} to clap together for scenes, balloons for the trolls and queen Elsa crowns.

Moo had a blast and sang her little heart out!

I took a fair amount of photos on the day, and I have to share this particular one as its makes me swell with pride.. Moo dealt with the trains and being in an unfamiliar place with such ease! She put me to shame really as hate trains..


I very rarely get to spend one on one time with her anymore as she is at school, but spending this with her was amazing and we had a real blast! I am s glad we could share this experience together, its something she will not forget in a hurry I am sure, she has already been flipping through the photos this morning!

Keep posted for another post coming up as we spent the afternoon, having tea at the Hilton!

End Of Term {The Ordinary Moments}

I have another 11 years of end of year break ups too do. Moo finished her year in Reception last week.. Its been a good year {minus the friendship issues that have cropped up} She has grown so much and Ive said it so many times before on this blog, but she really makes me proud to be her mummy.

I took this photo on the way to school on Friday, her last ever day in reception. It kind of got photo bombed by Lily the cat, but hey, she is part of the family too!


I am linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for her wonderful linky The Ordinary Moments

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Living Arrows 28/52

Last week, we had a heatwave. It was hot, sweltering hot. This culminated in a thundery climax. The first of these climaxes was on Thursday night, 1:00am to be exact. I lay in bed listening to the faint rumbles getting closer and closer, wondering if Moo and H would wake. It lasted hours, in fact it was still going at 5:30am! They didn’t wake…

The storm didn’t really break the air, it was so humid the following day.. another storm was brewing.  I have to admit, I love sitting on the windowsill with the children, watching from the comfort of our own home. Seeing their excited little faces when lightning strikes and waiting eagerly for the thunder to roll, having arms open ready for cuddles when it gets too loud, then repeating the whole thing over again till it ends.

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, its fun to watch with them..


living arrows

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My Top Seven {Ice-Cream Accessories Edition}

Summer is all about sun, sea, sand and ice-cream! I love ice-cream, I do not care how I get it, wether it be a tub, cone, or bowl.

This week I found my self looking online at all the lovely ice-cream accessories.. I have fallen in love with all seven I have chosen, It was a hard push to get my list of about twenty items down to seven!

Ice-Cream Heaven
From left to right Magenta, Inc Scallop Ice Cream Bowls // Zyliss® Ice Cream Scoops // Waffle Cone Bowls // Bormioli Rocco Gelato Ice Cream Cup, Sky Blue (Case of 6) // Alessi Big Love Ice Cream Bowl and Spoon                  // Ice Cream Bowl with Spoon // 1.5-qt. Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Whats your favourite?



Love The Little Things #29

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

Its FINALLY the start of the summer holidays here! {Just one more school day to get through today!} I am so relieved I do not have to do the school run rush for 6 whole weeks! **excited face**

here are a few things I have been loving this week…


I finished Giovanna Fletchers book Billy and Me last week and quickly downloaded her second… I am a few chapters in.. I am not sure about the chopping and changing of characters, but hopefully I will get the hang of all the characters soon enough!


Ray Donavon is back!!! I am so excited! I loved the first season and I have been eagerly awaiting the second. The first episode was jam packed and I am intrigued to know how they are going to play this one out!

I also have been watching good ole Alan Titchmarsh on ITV for his new series How To Love Your Garden {Its a re-vamped version of Ground Force} I have been getting lots of inspiration my my soon to be small garden!


This song has been on every time I get in the car! I have finally added it to my spotify playlist.. Its been playing a lot recently!


I wore my very first maxi dress this week! I bought it a few weeks ago and finally plucked up the courage to wear it… Its been so hot {29° infact!} I needed something cool.. I have also been airing my legs in shorts!


Still rippling away with my blanket.. I tend to crochet of an evening whilst watching catch up TV.

I have also finally joined the many army of mums who have a slow cooker {I know, I know, where have I been!?!?} I managed to cook up a spaghetti Bolognese and a base for a shepherds pie.. But my favourite meal which I had last week was lamb shank! It fell of the bone as I pull fit out! I am cooking a brisket in it next week, so a recipe may find its way in here!

‘And lastly..’

One week till the husband is off for three! Cannot wait, I am so looking forward to spending the next few weeks as a family! {you never know… we may finally hear about our house move in that time too!!}

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Let The Summer Fun Begin!

The six weeks holiday is fast approaching {2 more days!!!} I am feeling rather glum about it, as this year has flown by and I really wish it would slow down!

Not only is this time we get to spend as a family its important as H starts his 15 hours a week {as opposed to his 6 hours} in September so it means I get to spend less time with him! I have a whole mixture of emotions about it but for now I am going to enjoy spending these 6 weeks with my two heaps of gorgeousness and my wonderful husband {who has a whopping 3 weeks off!}

As H only does 2 mornings at play school, its been nice to spend time with him just one on one while Moo has been at school. Most of our days have been mooching around the shops or playdates and lastly our favourite of slobbing on the sofa!

But today we went out to a wonderful little place about 15 miles drives. It has an outdoor pool and a lovely big sand pit, and what was even better it was so cheap! £2 entrance fee and we were there for the best part of the day! I went with a few mums from the school and their littlies.

I though H would be a bit funny in the water, but he loved it, jumped straight in and paddled around.. Changing every so often to bury Spencer {the train} in the sand! It was such a good day and it was so nice to spend time with him.






I had so much fun {rather toasty and burnt} I am going back on Friday! Its my new hotspot for the summer!!