Why I Started Blogging?….

Way back in 2011 I loaded up WordPress and began typing away under the name 2kidsandMe. I was pretty open back then. Naming my children and not really bothering about what I wrote about.. It was private so no-one I knew, knew what I was up too {not even Mr B!} it wasn’t until one Sunday my brother in law said to me, “I found you on Twitter and saw your blog!” I  was embarrassed and slightly annoyed at my self for not covering my tracks a little better. I brushed the comment aside and I was told to keep at it, so I did. Mr B was now aware and he was a little wary of the children’s names being put up and full frontal face pictures, so I deleted the blog and started afresh under a new name of cherryblossomrain. I have no idea why that name but it stuck for about 12 months until I changed it to mummyheartsyou. I changed the children’s to a blog alias and now I just post pictures when i feel like it.
The reason I started blogging is probably like so many other bloggers out there. I was a stay at home mum and to pass the time in between play school drop offs and feeding an under one year old I typed away at the computer. I found it therapeutic blogging my experiences about parenthood and I found lots of lovely other bloggers that were there to help at the end of a tweet. The more I typed the more I enjoyed and secretly I was starting to love blogging. I was still private in who I told and it is to this day. Some people have found out and others I think choose to ignore it and get on with their own lives rather than pay interest in mine.
Some people look at bloggers and think, really? Why? But I can honestly say it has not only given me some wonderful opportunities but it documents everything the family and I get up too. milestones, struggles, worries, sadness and good  times.
I began to worry and feel ashamed that I blogged but actually I really don’t give two hoots what people think.. It’s something I like doing and it’s something I will carry on doing till I don’t want to continue any longer. It’s a hobby and a hobby I really enjoy, and one I don’t think I will be giving up anytime soon.
Blogging has opened up my eyes to a whole different network on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Bloglovin and I am always checking in with what others have got up to throughout the day and joining in with Twitter conversations. Its amazing what a little space on the internet can bring you.
So if your reading and you blog what made you start?

Must-Haves {The Umbrella Edition}

Umbrellas have become a huge fashion accessories as the years have gone by. When it rains I constantly look at other peoples umbrellas. A few years ago I had a birdcage umbrella and I always got asked where I got in from. I was gutted when it managed to get a hole in it and I never replaced it. I now have some crappy umbrella which leaves me fighting to turn it in the correct way when the wind blows! I have seen the following umbrellas and quite frankly, I think they are gorgeous!
Must-Haves {The Umbrella Edition}
Totes Fashion Mini Folding Umbrella //Forever 21 Betsey Johnson Leaf Print Ruffled Umbrella //
Blue Raindrop Print Umbrella // Hayley heart Umbrella //
John Lewis Archive Birdcage Umbrella // Vera Bradley Auto Open Bubble Umbrella in Parisian Paisley //
kate spade new york Umbrella – Black Stripe

**to view retailers, just click on the image**

Camping Essentials…

As you read this, I am currently camping it up in the Lakes with my little family. Its been long awaited and hopefully we are having a blast! If you are thinking about going camping below I have come up with a check list of everything you would need to make it the perfect camping trip! We always get a pitch with an electric hook up, we have had many occasions where we have had to blow up beds by hand! Not fun!!


  • Tent
  • Ground cloth/tarp
  • Extra stakes
  • Shade tarp/poles/rope/stakes
  • Mat for tent entrance
  • Dust pan/brush
  • Mallet


  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Air mattress
  • Air pump


  • Camping cooker
  • Kettle {cannot miss having the first cup of tea watching the sunrise!}
  • Utensils
  • Pots and Pans
  • Basin {for carrying dirty pots to the clean up area}
  • Matches/lighter


  • Sunscreen/chapstick
  • Lantern {Solar Powered}
  • Bug repellant/candles
  • Water container {preferably a collapsible one, easier for travel storage!}
  • Camera
  • Books/magazines
  • Camping chairs
  • Sunglasses
  • First aid kit
  • Toilet Roll {incase the outdoor toilets become low}
  • Park map {you could pick one of these up at the park entrance}
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket knife {apparently this is a must.. So the husband says!}
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Binoculars
  • Cards/games/toys
  • Hand wipes
  • Wind Shields {to keep you outdoor area private}
  • Black sacks {we use these for dirty clothes}
  • Camping Table {These do really come in handy!}
  • Bottle Opener

Hopefully this is a pretty helpful checklist to get you on your way to camping! No doubt I have missed of a few bits, but at the end of the day, as long as you remember the tent and sleeping bags the rest can always be bought once there!

Top Tips For Camping…

This year we are packing our camping gear and spending five days in the lakes. I am so excited and so is Moo and H {I think the husband is too!} As a family we have chosen not to do holidays abroad, purely for money. I would rather spend the money that a holiday would cost on house decoration if I am honest! Don’t get me wrong, I am always wishing for a holiday abroad but I sometimes think we need to get our priorities right. This is not our first camping trip as a family, we went a couple of years ago and we had such a blast we were eager to get back into it. So here are a few tips that would make your camping trip a little bit easier!

When booking a campsite, check whether or not your pitch is likely to be near the entertainments house. Last time we went camping it was a good mile walk back to our tent. Although it was a lovely walk, with gorgeous views across the countryside, when you have had a few drinks it is the last thing you want to do with two children in tow! This year I believe {hope} we are quite near the complex. I may regret being so close once I here the drunken screeches down the karaoke machine!

Taking games equipment like footballs, Frisbees or tennis rackets, are always a must {some camps supply them} but we have always taken our own. Lazy mornings by the tent are always fun, and it makes it better when you have activities to do. You also draw attention from other families which can help your children make friends whilst on holiday!

Decide before you go what your meal plans are going to be The first few years {as a couple} we went and cooked our own breakfast and dinner on a camping stove. Now I have children I have not settled to the idea and we tend to eat breakfast at the club house, prepare our own lunch {normally sandwiches} and then have dinner out somewhere. The first year we went with Moo and H we ate out every-time and it became rather costly!

If you are one for kids clubs, check the times and venues before hand. We have never put Moo and H in a club before, it doesn’t appeal to us as a family. But looking on from previous holidays they do get very busy!

From experience the evening entertainment gets very busy, I always make sure I am queuing beforehand for a decent seat so I have full few of Moo and H on the dance floor. It can be a bit of a free for all on the table picking, but if you get there in plenty of time nine times out of ten you are able to pitch up onto a good table.

Be BBQ safe – Common sense really, never light a barbecue in an enclosed space, don’t leave children unsupervised near a barbecue and ensure the barbecue is fully extinguished after use. I personally don’t use a BBQ when we camp, but if you choose to then obviously take care when you do!

Weekly Round-Up #7

This week has bought us the start of the summer holidays! Yipppeeeeeee! Its been a long time coming {a whole year in fact!} But without too much waffling, here is what we have been up to…

Sunday we spent at home. I baked a cake which ended up being a little bit of a disaster.  Moo had a party in the afternoon at the local crazy golf. It was a lovely afternoon watching all the children trying to get their hole in one! Once home, we had a pizza tea. I had lots of prepping for the following school day. I was on countdown, 2 days left of rushing around!

With only Moo at school on Monday I was able to leave H at home with daddy for the school run. I find it a lot less stressful when I haven’t got H in tow. I stayed behind after dropping her off as we had to say a final goodbye to her teacher who was leaving. We handed out gifts and all shed a little tear. I popped to the Dr’s after which I ended up waiting over an hour for as they were so far behind! Once I was back in the car I decided to call the Mr and pop to the shops to buy some rain macs for our holiday. A chilled afternoon was had which was much needed!

Tuesday was Moo’s last ever day in year one and it was an emotional day. The schools head was leaving so we all returned a little earlier to watch a school production. It was really sad! I had a physio appointment for my shoulder and I have finally been signed off! We decided on having a fajita tea which was a complete disaster and was not nice at all!

The first Wednesday of the holidays was spent in our pjs {start as you mean to go on!} It was nice not to have to rush around and we just relaxed at home.

Thursday we visited my sister and her children. Now her eldest is at school its hard to get all the children together. Moo has been on at me to take her to visit her cousin so I thought I would do it within the first week of being off! I also had to go shopping with children in tow, which is never a good idea! I tried and succeeded my chicken curry {was a failure last week!}

With Moo needing a haircut, Friday we had friends over and Moo’s friends mum cut Moo’s hair. It needed doing and rather than take Moo to the hairdressers I got one to come to us! Moo is a nightmare with her hair so it was so much easier doing it at home. Mr B finished his last shift before our holiday! Friday was spent celebrating the start of a few good weeks off!

Saturday we visited the in-laws to drop of the spare key so they could feed the cat whilst we are away. We came home and started the packing. Not something I enjoy, so I ended up pottering around the house and start the housework. I always like to come home to a tidy house once we have been away!

Au Revoir {For a week}

So this is Au Revoir for a week. The Mummy Hearts You clan are off on there jolly holidays for a week! We have a six hour drive {with copious amounts of stops and caffeine} to the lake district for our annual family camping trip! **excited face**

I have scheduled some posts up for the coming week {some are camping themed, so if your thinking of going, then do have a read!}

So until I “see” you again, have a wonderful week!

No doubt I will be posting lots of photos on Instagram of our week away so if you want to check in then please do! lots of holiday spam I am sure! 

Six Weeks To Prepare {The Ordinary Moments}

2 years ago I had six weeks to prepare myself for Moo starting school. I had so many worries and although she was fully ready, I wasn’t. Those six weeks flew past and we made the most of them before we said goodbye to half days together and hello to full days at school.

Moo went from strength to strength and even to this day academically is doing really well. She isn’t a fan of school and prefers weekends to weekdays {who doesn’t?} But she really does try her best at anything that is given to her.


As I type this I find myself with the same feelings I had 2 years ago. Scared, worried, frightened, nervous and a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. I find myself saying over and over “six weeks to prepare” 

I know there are a lot of parents {some this will be their first experience of sending their children to school} are in the same boat, but I am finding it is not easier second time round. H {I keep telling myself} is not ready, but deep down I think he is. I am scared for him, I am worried to be sending him off, waving goodbye at the gates, and I have realised it is my anxieties, not H’s.

For the last two years I have had a little friend by my side {the last year its been half days but I cannot complain about that} We have not done anything overly special on these days but just having someone at home to talk to, to play with and spend time with has been wonderful. The thought of not having that scares me a little. The thought of spending six hours to myself {its sounds nice, yes!} leaves me a little bewildered. I have no one to look after, other people are doing that for me. Its a strange strange feeling and one I have to get used to.


Not only is H starting school, Moo is heading into year 2, her last year at infants. This really does break my heart.. Everything seems to be happening very quickly and I really would just like it to slow down, just so I can take in moments that flash before my eyes.

I literally have six weeks to prepare myself, I have six weeks to make some amazing memories and I am definitely going to make the most of them..

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