Love The Little Things #44

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

This week its half term in the mummy hearts you household! Its been pretty quiet, visiting friends and having friends over. Its been so nice not to have to rush around in the morning, and most importantly not having to do the school run!

Here is what I have been loving this week..


Last week I Wrote this post about my school run worries. I have had some lovely comments and it really means a lot that people have take time to read it. It was a bit of a hard one to write, but I felt so much better just blogging about it!

I have not read too much this week, I am still trying to get my hands on the Mollie Makes blogging magazine, I doubt I will find it, it was published in July! I am hoping they will do another special, I will pick it up instantly if they do! I am a huge fan of Mollie Makes and tend to buy their crochet one!


I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter.. I have several editions of the books {child cover, adult covers and limited editions – obsessed? yes!} Non Harry Potter related, I saw this clip from The Tonight Show, I found myself bopping my head along to it! Its  pretty amazing if you ask me!

Made In Chelsea is back, and I swear they just create these situations! I was really hoping Proudlock and Lucy would actually get together, they make a nice couple, but they just seem to mess around! Its rather annoying, but still entertaining!

I am a few weeks ahead of the British airing with Greys Anatomy, its one of my favourite programmes to watch and I am really enjoying this season. There have been a few complaints about the casting Ive read, but the show has to do things to grow, obviously the first 6 season in my eyes are the best and it will never match that, but still its a pretty damn good series!

Ive also been watching another show which is directed by the same lady {Shonda Rhimes} as Greys.. “How To Get Away With Murder” I am hooked, its really good, but at the moment I can’t see where more seasons will go! I am interested to see this season out though..

Obvioulsy I am up to date with The Walking Dead!! This weeks was a shocker! I am so eager for next weeks episode!! Who was Daryl with?!?!?

I also watched Malificent last night, and I loved it! Was such a good film, very quick! Definitely one to recommend!


Moo has been helping me create a playlist for her birthday this week! She has some strange taste in music! I am not sure some is approprite for a childs party so will have to skip those ones! But she did like this one and I kind of like it too! I really really really want to see this film, but Im guessing the book will be so much better! {The Fault In Our Stars}


The weather has taken a nice change for the better this week.. Its been about 19° most days with bright blue skies! Ive actually pulled the flip flops out!


I made some pumpkins this week {well not made them!!} I carved some and it was my first time! I don’t really celebrate Halloween, I never did it as a child and its not something I have really started with my two. This year I though I would give it a go and managed to carve 2 pumpkins! I did the basic smiley face, then I went for a more complicated bat design! They look ok, and I will improve next year I am sure!

‘And lastly..’

I have never, ever, ever celebrated Halloween! This year we are dipping our toes into it and off to the sister in laws for some dinner and a walk round a few houses to trick or treat! I am secretly looking forward to {Im not a huge fan to be honest!} Moo is really excited and has been counting down the sleeps!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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When In Doubt.. Visit The Park {The Ordinary Moments}

Moo loves the park, which child doesn’t? If you were to give Moo an option as to where she would like to go, 9 times out of 10 it would be the park..

Since moving we have also not only upgraded in the size of living space, we have upgraded to a bigger and better park, much to Moo’s delight!



Unfortunately we have only managed to visit a handful of times, but when we do, she makes the most of it! Its always handy to have a park close by for those unexpected visits!

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My Top Seven {The Winter Coat Edition}

Winter coats are so difficult to buy. In my eyes, its not about the style {although that helps} but a winter coat has to keep you warm. I realise this now I’ve become a parent and have to stand in a cold damp playground waiting for Moo to finish school! Here are some of my favourites..
Winter Coats {My Top Seven}

From left to right,

Object Collectors Item Winter Coat // TWINTIP Winter coat // Superdry Alpine duffle coat //
Superdry Hooded super wind parka // Vila Delta – Wool, Winter Coat //
khujo CILLE Winter coat // Superdry Military everest coat

Whats your favourite style coat?

The Splitting Of The Bedrooms {Was It The Right Decision?}

When we had H his bedroom was the lounge. It was not ideal, but we made it work when we were in our flat. When he was one, we started having problems with his little face appearing over the side of the travel cot when we were trying to watch our TV. A decision was made that he would be moved into Moo’s bedroom and ever since then they have shared.

We moved due to lack of space and now we are in our house we just carried on from when we were in the flat. We set up their bedroom as one and they continued to share. Over Sunday dinner Mr B decided to throw the idea of separating them, with this Moo was set on the idea! So a busy afternoon moving furniture, a lot of shouting and screaming {from me} and a panic we wouldn’t get finished in time for bed! But we did it and with two excited children we put them to bed.

Both me and Mr B felt quite sad when we left them to sleep. It was a huge milestone for both, I mean H still wakes up in the night and squeezes himself between me and Mr B. We gave them both the option that if they were to get scared they could join each other.

So far it has been unsuccessful, H still comes into our bedroom with nightlight in tow. Its not something I enjoy being woken to a little child holding a light at the bottom the bed! You may be thinking, why did you split them if they were still waking? and the answer… I am not sure myself to be honest! I was hoping it would give them the independence of having their own toys and their own space, but no, its not worked out how we planned!

We are not sure if its something we should persist with, or something we should immediately put back to the way it was. The lack of sleep on our part is not fun! I don’t do well with little sleep and once H is awake, Moo wakes and she too, ends up in our bed, a restless hour follows before they finally settle back down and fall asleep!

This week has been a struggle and I am hoping that once they both get used to it, it will all fall into place and Me and Mr B will finally get a straight through the night sleep!

How well do you children with separate rooms? Do they like the freedom? Do you have any tips on how to settle 2 children into their own?

The Dreaded School Run…

Ive been battling pretty badly with the school run recently. Every morning I wake up and think, really? again? I would much prefer to stay in and just not have to deal with it.. Those that have been reading my #littlelove post will know that I have been having a few problems for some time now..

You know that feeling most workers get on a Sunday? That feeling of dread, anxiousness and sadness that Monday brings them? Well Ive not had that feeling for over 5 years. You may think this is an over exaggeration, but I get that feeling every Sunday, from about 3pm, that anxious, bubbling feeling in your stomach. This is how much I hate the school run, I know its only for a maximum of 60 minutes a day, but I struggle with it and its something I really detest at the moment.

Since moving out of the village, I have to admit I do feel isolated, but that shouldn’t affect anything? Moo is not having the best time at school, she is doing fantastically academically but trying to figure out friendship groups is always tricky, and its just as tricky for me too, I have struggled and Im learning the hard way.

The school playground is set up in cliques, I just went with who I knew from Moo’s play school. I would say I was friendly to anyone that said hello, made general chit chat and would hope I held myself well. I come across quite stern and most of the time I am ashamed to say I do have a face that would not be very approachable! I wouldn’t even approach me in a playground!

I have managed to have a good year, meeting friends and walking to school and even spending time with them after school. I think this is where its gone wrong. Since moving, I don’t get to do this, I don’t walk to school anymore, I drive, I have to split my time with school runs AND play school runs. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my worst, having to be at play school for 8:30 and back up to the school for 8:45. I did have help, but I came to the conclusion my children are my responsibility, its rushed but me and Moo manage it, and we have fun with it too.

This has caused some animosity I think in the group, I have distanced myself from my original group, and to be honest I don’t get a very good vibe. I say hello and get a grunt back, I get a “feeling” {just a feeling!} I am being spoken about, whispers and face pulling. Im not invited out anymore {not that I am bothered!} but its all I can do though isn’t it? be polite and courteous? To carry on as normal? Its hard.. What makes it even more difficult is Moo is friends with their little ones and I can’t exactly just pull her out of the group, I wouldn’t want to either, Moo needs to decided who she wants to be friends with.

My main bug bear about the school run is the competitiveness of it all. I think its really rude and something I do not agree with. I hate the way people declare how clever, bright and just god damn amazing at academics their children are. There is a time and place for it. The odd comment of “so and so did this yesterday at school” is fine but “oh so and so is on this book, oh she is so clever and did you know she is on the over achieving table? yes, she is such a bright child!” It grates me and to hear it all the time can slowly affect not you but your own child’s self confidence..

Because I have distanced myself, I honestly feel I am being punished, sarky comments, rude morning gestures, not actually standing with me anymore, not needing their help has obviously sparked an outrage!

I have most definitely learnt from these few years. Next year when H starts school, I will know what to do, keep myself to myself, do the drop off and go. I am not very good at making friends, and I think this has just proved it, my judge of character is generally crap. I struggle at the best of times in saying hello to strangers and this is everything I hate. I think Ive made friends, but they are quick to stab you in the back when it all goes sour..

Its amazing how one person can make you feel like shit, {yes just one person!} once the day is over, I let out a huge sigh of relief and thank god its over, until the next day of course. Today marks a happy occasion for me, no school run for a whole week, can you imagine the smile that is spread across my face?! Well let me enlighten you a bit, it spreads from ear to ear.. Knowing I don’t have to put up with pettiness, bitchy-ness and just plain nastiness is the best feeling, until of course the time comes to take Moo back. But for now I am going to enjoy the free week I have with Moo and H and battle the school run again when I have too…

Love The Little Things #43

Happy Friday peeps… Another week has passed and its time for another little catch up with all the lovely bloggers that link up with Morgana and their #littleloves

I have hit a major brick wall on the school run this week.. How can people be so mean? Its not just the children, its the adults?!?! Ive blogged about my feelings and may post it up within the week…

Here is what I have been loving this week..


I have been reading Moo’s reading record! I am so impressed with her and after a little nudge from me she finally moved up not one but two colours! So proud of her and she is doing so well!


Is anyone watching Gotham? I have only watched one episode {I am writing this on a Thursday so I may have caught up by the time this goes live} It has the potential to be an amazing programme. What do you think?

Again the Walking Dead was pretty wild this week.. I literally will Tuesday away, so I can sit down and catch up on it! I knew they were weird, and this episode just proves it! I cannot believe they are split again! Talk about put the pressure on us!!

I also watched Linda Bellinghams last interview for Loose Women and it was really surreal watching it knowing she wasn’t here anymore, such a tragedy..


I am a huge fan of U2’s older stuff, not so much the recent! The only thing I like about the school run is I get to listen to the radio on the way to and from.. This came on and its definitely one I joined in and belted out..


The winter coat made an appearance this week! Its really turned cold and its just what I needed to keep me warm whilst waiting for Moo to finish school! I also had to wear my gloves!!


This week we “made” the decision to divide Moo and H’s bedrooms up. Its not a success so far and Ive had a fair few sleepless nights this week! Ive written a post about how I feel about this huge milestone..

‘And lastly..’

Its half term! As I have mentioned before I am not a fan of the school run. I am so thankful I get a week off from the nastiness that goes on in the playground. I may not want to go back!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Moo’s Birthday Wish List…

Moo will be six next month, I am not entirely sure how its come round so quickly, but it has I am rather depressed about it! This year its pretty damn easy to decide on presents for her. Moo is still Frozen mad and luckily we were able to stock up on it recently when the Disney Store received a hefty delivery.

Some of the items she won’t be getting, but she has been asking for, for ages for quite a few of these! Since her obsession with Disney has become rather intense since Frozen she has seen lots of other Disney products she must have {quoted from the little lady herself!}

PicMonkey Collage

from left to right:

Anna Animator Doll, Cinderella’s Dream Carriage, Anna Costume Dress, Ariel’s Magical Kiss, Barbie Bobbie Pets, Elsa Wardrobe playset, Elsa Animator Doll, Lelli Kelly’s, Monster High Viperine Gorgon Doll

PicMonkey 1 Collage

From left to right,

Anna Wardrobe Playset, LEGO Cinderella’s Romantic Castle, Snow White DVD, LEGO Rapunzel’s Creativity Tower, Barbie Bobbie Pets

As I said above, its quite a hefty list! It seems a lot, but Moo has to wait a whole year before receiving big presents like this, her birthday is right on-top of christmas, so its nice to spoil her a little! {Might I add, family members will also be pitching in to help make her birthday wish list come true!}

Living Arrows #42

Apart from being a parent and a wife, the next best job in the world has to be being an auntie. My lovely sister had her second little boy this year and although its difficult seeing her now we both have children at school, I try and get over to her at least once a week.

Baby O is the sweetest, most contented baby Ive ever met {after H off course!} I absolutley adore him and I make it my mission to have one selfie with him every week. He is starting to come round to the idea now! Last week was no different, although, we both moved our heads as the flash went, but all the same, its one of my favourites..


Time goes so quickly when you have children. I tell myself every day to cherish what we have, this little dude, brings another sense of happiness to me. I love being an auntie and its definitely a job I would never want to give up!

The Sleepy Bug {The Ordinary Moments}

This little boy loves his sleep.. He would sleep anywhere if he could. There comes a point in the day where he just cannot go off to the land of nod as he would not go to bed!

I took this photo last Sunday, we had literally been up a few hours and we took ourselves of to the in-laws. Within the space of 5 minutes of being in the car he was fast asleep {I am not sure how he fell asleep with his sister poking him!}


Its quite an ordinary moment.. One I don’t think will change for sometime..

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Blog Love #5

Ever since I started blogging, its become second nature to read my favourite blogs, check twitter and to see how they have enjoyed their days on Instagram.  The list grows weekly and I feel I am beginning to know these blogs as people rather than something I am just reading from my computer screen. My blog is nowhere in league with some of my most favourites, but its something I love doing and as long as I keep enjoying it, I will carry on with it.

I have a “blogs I heart” page dedicated to my most favourite but I have decided to do a little feature that showcases them and their blog. The reason being, because my list is endless and I just don’t want to keep adding to it without explanation!  Now I am sorry if this totally embarrasses you, apologies in advance!

This week I am featuring Kerri-Ann from Life Of Our Little Family.

I have only just recently {within the last few months} started to read KA’s blog. It was an instant hit and its one I really like to catch up on. Its such a fresh blog and KA writes its beautifully. It engages you, so it makes you want to go back and read more.

 KA is a full time working mummy and juggles work and looking after Mr H, Lil G and not forgetting the family dog Alfie Bear.  Everything KA blogs about is cheery and always puts a smile on my face. I think its lovely that you can relate to others blogs and I definitely relate to this one.

Recently KA had a major blog re-design, and it’s definitely fro the better. Its so fresh and current and she is so proud of it. I think its such a beautiful design and fits in to her very lovely blog.

Lil G is just the sweetest little boy, he has amazing fashion sense {just like is mummy!} He really is the apple of his mummy’s eye, and every spare minute KA gets its spent with him.

KA joins up with quite a few link-ups, one being #littlelove.. Friday is my favourite day of the week, its when I sit down and read all that have joined in and find out what they have been getting up too. You find so much out about someone through this blog hop and I feel I really know KA {and all the others who share their #littlelove} I feel if I was to meet KA in a room, we would probably hit it off straight away. Its so weird that just by reading someones blog that can happen.

If by any chance you have not heard of KA then you really should head over and have a look at her “thoughts”

Here is a link if you want to go and check out Kerri-Ann and her amazing blog! {its definitely as must!}

Life As Our Little Family

Next week I will be featuring my another blog love so do pop by and check out who will be featuring!