Siblings {The Ordinary Moments}

Moo and The Little Boy have such a lovely relationship {when they are not arguing of course!} In the morning Moo will wake her brother and they will play together. I lay in bed and listen to them talking. Moo will climb into the little boys bed and either play with the stash of trains he has under his pillow or they will both climb out and make there way to the lounge {sometimes they head straight for our room}

This week has been testing, its been half term and its been stressful with lots going on. I have tried to get out every day so they can at least let of steam. When they play together, they really do play together. Sharing toys and making up there own memories as they go along.

I caught them this week in the bathroom, a sink full of water. Moo had her disney princess figures, The Little Boy had his Peppa Pig toys, splashing away, letting them sink to the bottom. I listened at the door and smiled as they made up stories of mermaids and fishes. It was lovely to listen to, and its something I will remember every time I look at this photo.


Get Fit Mission!

Being a stay at home mum is tough, I have blogged about how stressful it is. I am with my children all the time and I very rarely get any time away from them.

I have been going on and on about running for a while now, and this week was d-day! I stopped off on my way home from visiting family and picked up some leggings and running gear. Went home, got changed, warmed up and went out. I struggled at first stopping and starting, having to walk every now and then but I managed a mile! My second run, I pushed myself till I could no longer run {well my lace came undone so had to stop and do it up!} I got further than I had the previous run without stopping so that in its self was a big thing! I still and to stop in-between to catch my breath but I managed a faster time on my second run which I am so pleased with and it makes the runs more worthwhile!

Going out also means that I get that needed space away from the children and lets me cool off from a stressful day! I am also doing it for other reasons of course, keeping fit {I am fed up of being such a slob!} I have managed 2 runs, and I feel so much better for it. Its hard at times and I have to admit, sometimes I think I cannot do it, but I push myself, to the end of the run.

At the moment I am just running a mile, I want to try and run that consistently before I push myself further. I am getting there and I think I am doing well, considering I have never ran/joined a gym/done any form of exercise in my life.. Ever!

I am so into it, and have seriously got the running bug! I feel completely different when I am out.

Love The Little Things #16

Its Friday!! I cannot believe its Friday to be honest, this week has flown by, and I honestly thought it was Thursday when I woke up this morning!! {hence the late post!!} Here are a few things I have been loving!


I read this lovely article that was written about me! Yes my blog has been put up for blog of the month on mommy hotspot and I was really surprised with what they had written about me! Lovely words which certainly took me by surprise! You can read it here


Made in Chelsea is back!! YAY! I love everything about this programme and I am glued to the scandals already! I love Binky and I love her mum! Alex better had not done the dirty thats all I can say!!!

Also, I have yet to watch, but I am really looking forward to watching it {I will no doubt post about it next week!} Is Flowers In The Attic. It was one of the very first books I ever read and they have made it into a TV drama. Its on my sky box to watch and I am keen to see what its like { Heather Graham is the daughter of the evil step mom!} It looks really good and the trailer had me from the start {it has to be 100 times better than the film!!}


Running songs have been my top thing I have been listening to this week, and they have really spurred me on. I have listened to this a lot to, something about it makes me want to play it all the time!


My running gear! I have started running this week and I am so pleased I decided to do it! I have been feeling really slobbish and need to sort something out! I went for my first run yesterday and my 2nd run today. I am not at all good at the moment but hopefully within a week I will at least be able to run a full mile without stopping!


I am stuck for this one this week! I will be making a full on sunday roast though this weekend for Easter! Roast lamb!! Yum

‘And lastly..’

I am thinking about signing up for a 26 mile walk!! I spoke to my sister in law about it last week and I am really tempted to do it! Its a night-time walk through London and its for breast cancer. I am going to see how I get on with the running first before I sign up!

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Mummy Hearts You is featured on Mommy Hotspot!

When I started blogging it was just for me. I and my security settings set to the max and I really didn’t know what I was doing {I still don’t half the time!} I couldn’t bring myself to think that there were people out there that would actually read my blog and like it. I soon became fixated with blogging and gradually built up the confidence to open it up to twitter and the world wide web!

I cannot quite believe that people pop by, read and comment. It really does take me by surprise and I am really grateful that people do it.

A few weeks ago I was asked to join a network of bloggers. I signed up and thought nothing of it to be honest. This week I have been put forward for blogger of the month! When I was told I was literally god-smacked and lost for words! I couldn’t believe that this corner of the internet that holds my lovely little blog could even be named something like that. I am still lost for words even writing this down!


The thing I can’t get to grips with are the lovely words that have been written about me and the blog! I don’t take complitants well and I blushed when I read it! knowing they were writing about me just made me, well, coy.. It was lovely to read and I am pretty impressed my blog has been recognised by mommy hotspot!

If you want to pop over and read the article the click here, you can also vote for me by clicking the badge in the right hand panel!

It’s All About The Patch!

Last year I wrote about how Moo was going to have to wear glasses. Now I honestly thought that she would be awful with them! But to my surprise she has taken to them really well and the first thing she does of a morning is makes sure she has them on. I think it helps that I have to wear them full time too, so it was the norm for her.

We have had several appointments and every time we have had to get a stronger prescription. Its such a worry when you know there is nothing you can actually do and just rely on a bit of glass to help them!

This week we were back at the hospital for a check-up and although she is doing really well, her right eye is considerably worse. Watching Moo struggle to see the letters was pretty awful. I was willing her to get it right but she just couldn’t. I knew what was going to happen but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept it.

The result of this check-up was the dreaded eye patch. There I was thinking it would be some huge black thing across the eye! But to my surprise it was a box full of brightly coloured patches. When Moo was told she smiled at first and nodded along, but when it came to reality of having to wear one for 2 hours a day it was a bit of a shock and she wasn’t entirely happy about it!

I decided that I would do it the afternoon of getting them and so, with a brightly pink patch in hand and Frozen on the TV she sat there with it on. It was a long 2 hours and was a bit of a struggle towards the end, but she did it and she coped pretty well! I am not sure how it will be from no on in, but I no in the long run it will help her considerably!

Motherhood is such a worry and its little things like this that pop up that I really do not like. But Its doing the job and helping my little Moo, and I cannot complain about that now can I?

Splat The Cat {What We’re Reading}

A book about a cat, a cat called Splat. I adore this book. The little boy is a big fan as he is obsessed with cats.


Its Splats first day at school and he’s worried. 

What if he doesn’t make any new friends?

Just in case, splat hides his pet mouse, Seymour in his lunch box.

Soon Splat meets the class and begins his lessons. 

School seems ok, after all… Until Seymour escapes at lunch time!

Can Splat keep all his friends, old and new?



This is a jolly book, full of humour and both the children love it. They especially love it when the mouse escapes and chaos erupts. Cats and mice do not get on! After a bout of searching for the mouse and having to use the mouse as an unlikely helpful hand, the mouse becomes a popular champion!




Splay enjoyed his first day at school and he lets his mum know just what just how amazing it was!

Its a fun, simple book with lots of pictures {which are beautifully illustrated may I add} and anybody who loves a cat will end up loving Splat!

If like me you have been reading and want to share then please pop by  and see the lovely Carrie (Space for Butterflies) and see what she has been reading and link up there too!

Space for the Butterflies: What We're Reading

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Living Arrows #15

 I love days when we can just wander over to the park and let off steam. Days like that are generally the ones where we are relaxing at home and not really doing much with ourselves.
Moo loves a swing. She would quite happily sit on one the whole time we are at the park {closely followed by the slide} She is always adamant she wants to go higher, sometimes slightly too high for my liking!
Saturday was a quiet day, so we took a stroll around the garden centre and on the way home stopped of at the park so the kiddies could run around, of course Moo asked to walk to the back of the cricket field so she could spend some time on the 2 single swings. She would happily sit on them all day of she could!
living arrows

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Ice-Cream {The Ordinary Moments}

There is nothing better than ice-cream, especially the 99 flakes. I am a huge fan of it. I love it when spring arrives as this is the start of the ice-cream weather. There isn’t a day that goes by when its warm that we don’t have an ice-cream, whether it be a lolly from the freezer or a “proper” one from the ice-cream man. {I also think there isn’t a better sound than an ice-cream van on a hot summers day!}

This photo was taken a few weeks ago {I have been a bit slack with photo taking this week!} and it has started a downhill love affair thats now going to last for months! It was a bit of a chilly day {hence the gloves} but the sun was shining so a good excuse for one!


I am linking up with the lovely Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for her wonderful linky The Ordinary Moments

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Love The Little Things #15

Its Friday and again I am linking up with but why mummy why? for this weeks Little love link up. I have been rather busy, taking the children out and trying to be occupied to keep them both entertained! But I have also been loving a few things too…


I read the awful news about Peaches Geldof this week.. Its so upsetting and just heartbreaking for her two young boys. Such a sad read..


Frozen! I have watched this at least 2 times a day since Sunday. I don’t mind though as it is a pretty good Disney film!

I also watched the final Great British Sewing Bee {BBC2} I was slightly disappointed with the result but I was pleased with the final 3! They all deserved to be there!

We have also started re-watching The Walking Dead from the beginning! Its funny how young they all look!


As Moo is so addicted to the film, I decided to buy the soundtrack to Frozen. Big mistake as she wants it on ALL the time! I have to admit, I do like the songs and the soundtrack is pretty good. One of my favourites is this one..


The sun has been shining brightly! I have not gone as far as to wear sandals but pumps are still on the agenda and my Ray Bans have come in handy this week!

I also found a grey hair! Not one but two!!! So something had to be done. I am now sporting a new hair do.. I have no idea what colour it is, the husband told me not to stick with brown so I went a plum colour! Was a bit of a shock at first as it was really intense but its died down since! I am getting used to it now, was slightly strange at first!



I have a serious thing for popcorn at the moment {technically I didn’t make this I know!} But all I and to do was put the corns in a bowl and pop it in the microwave! I am addicted to the stuff and am eating it most nights! *naughty me*

I also made some red velvet cupcakes and unfortunately did not stay on the plate long enough for a photo!

‘And lastly..’

I thought I would try and do some toning exercises this week! Big mistake… I was in agony yesterday and couldn’t move! I really should of warmed up before! It doesn’t help that I have a reoccurring back injury from my car accident last year either, Ive really struggled and was back in my PJ’s yesterday afternoon!

With it being the easter holidays too, I am loving being so relaxed and staying in our PJ’s till 10am and not really doing much!

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I Don’t Want To Go To Bed! {What We’re Reading}

This has been a regular saying since the clocks changed. My reply is always the same. “Its bedtime” and the answer is pretty much the same “but its still light outside mummy”

Through the yawns and bleary blinks Moo is adamant she is not tired! With minutes though she is asleep.


Little Tiger was very naughty

He did not like going to bed.

When one night Mummy Tiger roared, All Right,

you can stay up all night then! He couldn’t believe 

his good luck, and off he scampered into the jungle,

before she could change her mind….



Little tiger stumbles across all his friends who, unlike him are tired and are all settling down for the night with their mummies. This is my opportunity to tell Moo again that its time for bed and its best she sleeps now than later other wise she may just fall asleep at school!



The tiger eventually comes across a bush baby who finds him alone and scared, and with his big bright ayes he guides the tiger back to his mummy.

I actually really like this book, it has a good moral that mummy always knows best!

If like me you have been reading and want to share then please pop by  and see the lovely Carrie (Space for Butterflies) and see what she has been reading and link up there too!

Space for the Butterflies: What We're Reading

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